Entrepreneurship is no mean feat. You have to multi-task at various fronts. This requires you to possess the right knowledge and at the same time, stay abreast with what’s latest in the market. Since marketing is crucial to promote your products and services, it is imperative for you to know how to go about it.

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Of course, it is understandable that it is not possible to keep any eye on every new marketing context or process that evolves. So, an ideal option is to follow marketing influencers who simply know the pulse of the market well and how to formulate the right marketing strategies.


Here is a list of the 10 marketing influencers, you as an entrepreneur can take lessons from.


1) Rand Fishkin (CEO, Moz)


Rand Fishkin has been instrumental in breaking down technical digital marketing concepts and conveying it to users in a simple and understandable manner in his digital marketing training modules. When there is an easy way to dispense complex thoughts, why opt for complicated methodologies and words!


2) AJ Agrawal (Fortune 500, Marketing Consultant)

Agrawal helps big brands think and brainstorm like startups. He talks about marketing strategies and hacks through his blog.


3) Joost De Valk (Founder of Yoast.com)

De Valk demonstrates that you are never too young to become an entrepreneur. He started coding and creating websites when he was merely 13 years old. Today, he is one of the most sought after digital marketing expert.


4) Joel Comm (Author/Speaker/Advisor for the Best Brands)

He is an internet marketer that many Fortune 500 brands use for influence marketing. Inspiring live videos and relevant content is what Comm shares on his website and social media accounts.


5) Jitendra Vaswani (Founder, BloggersIdeas.com)

Jitendra focuses on blogging about internet marketing. He reveals that focusing on a niche is the best way forward in the world of digital marketing.


6) Joel Contartese (First entrepreneur to jump on the social media bandwagon)

He is a marketing strategist known to pioneer influencer marketing. With 10 million+ dollars in influencer management spend and 50 million+ followers, he really doesn’t need justification as to why you should follow him!


7) Kim Garst (Social Media Marketing Expert)

Garst creates social media blog posts and e-books that help marketers as well as her followers make good use of the social media platform.


8) Jay Baer (Convince and Convert, Founder)

Infamous for his inspirational books, keynote presentations and thoughtful content, Baer shares effective customer service methods and digital marketing techniques with his Twitter followers.


9) Brian Evans (BDE Ventures, Founder)

Also the founder of Influencive.com, Evans has a huge fan following for his unconventional and versatile writings on marketing.


10) Neil Patel (KISSmetrics and Carzy Egg, Co founder)

Patel’s content that is reflected in his blogs, ebooks and webinars on his website revolve around digital marketing, growth hacking, website optimization and content marketing.


11) Bonus: Saumil Shah (Earned Media Head, Talentedge)

Saumil (Also Known as Google Baba on Quora) is an active Quoran who share  Digital Marketing Career Guidance. You can follow him at https://www.quora.com/profile/Saumil-Shah-37


If you aren’t following these influencers yet, start away right now. It would be also a good idea to do an digital marketing certification to strengthen your hold over the core principles.

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