These days, employees are spending more and more time at the office – certainly exceeding the typical 8-9 hours workday. The excessive workload is making employees quit and leave their jobs. So, how can HR managers ensure job satisfaction in a modern workplace? Here are the top 10 things you can do to ensure employee job satisfaction at the office.


1. Be Aware of The Link to Emotional Wellness


The first step is to understand that there is a strong link between how employees feel and how they perform. Taking the worker’s emotional temperature through a survey is a good first step towards boosting employee satisfaction.


2.Implement Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)


Small businesses need to be aware that nowadays, job-hopping is a big trend. Implementing an employee assistance program can help boost job satisfaction. Start with a detailed employee handbook so everybody is on the same page as you and the management.


3.Embrace Telecommuting


Allowing employees to work from home might seem inefficient, but letting them telecommute can allow them to save time that would otherwise be wasted in traveling and breaks.


4.Communicate Effectively


Instead of relying solely on formal modes of communication, try social networking tools to connect with your employees. You can also encourage them to occasionally adopt a more antiquated form of communication – voice-to-voice. This ensures your employees are connected to you and if there is any issue concerning their job, it can be resolved there and then.


5.Create Flexible Work Schedules


When employees are free to set their own schedules, they work more regularly and studies have shown this increases job satisfaction by a whopping 50%.


 6. Don’t Give Up on Brick and Mortar Entirely!


Flexibility boosts employee satisfaction, and that includes keeping a brick and mortar option open for employees. Long story short, don’t give up on brick and mortar completely.


7.Incentivize Employees


One of the most effective ways to ensure job satisfaction is to give them a reason to stay. Recognize your employees for a job well done and make them feel appreciated and encourage them to continue increasing their productivity.


 8. Cut Out the Excess


If possible, try not to give your employees smaller, meaningless tasks when they are supposed to be focused on a larger goal. Take a look at the team’s routine, and see if there are any excess tasks you can cut out, allowing employees more time to focus on higher-priority projects.


9.Train and Develop Employees


Instead of having workers haphazardly trying to accomplish a task with zero guidance, take a day out and teach them the necessary skills. This way, they can set about accomplishing their tasks on their own, and it makes them feel the organization cares for them and is ready to invest in them.


10. Give Each Other Feedback


After reviewing your employees’ tasks, ask them what they could have done to improve the results. Asking for feedback not only gives you clear ways to help improve but also encourages a culture of open dialogue.


Bottom Line


If you are looking for ways to keep your employees satisfied, these tips might help. If you are in the HR department looking to upskill or if you are an entry-level aspirant looking to build a career in this domain, an HR management online certification can help. An online HR management course from a credible platform like Talentedge and XLRI can give you in-depth knowledge of the subject.


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