It is a clutter out there in the market. There are organizations vying for the same shelf space and market share as you are. Undoubtedly, you need to rise above the pack. Your brand requires gaining visibility that always keeps it on the top of customers’ mind.

This calls for a robust brand management strategy. If you have a well-defined strategy in place, you would know what to measure and how to measure.

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17 Tips for increasing your brand visibility


Now, here are seventeen tips for increasing your brand visibility.

  1. Define the target audience that your brand wants to reach out to. This will help you to understand what kind of brand-building efforts will connect the most with the end-users.
  1. Create a brand promise that conveys your vision, philosophy and purpose.
  1. Be authentic, relevant and consistent in every type brand communication across every marketing channel.
  1. Be it emails, videos, brochures, newspapers or blog, the brand messages should speak the same language.
  1. Give your brand a unique personality – something that differentiates it from the rest.
  1. Build a website as it is your vital link towards building a digital presence. A website will lend you brand more credibility. Also, a website is the first thing that customers look for in the search engines.
  1. Stay active on social media channels to connect with a larger base of audience. Whether you are a B2B or B2C brand, you can select one, two or several social media platforms depending on where your target audience is present.
  1. Optimize the digital marketing efforts with SEO, SMO and interesting content.
  1. Nurture relationships with customers continuously through engaging content.
  1. Include traditional forms of advertising in the overall digital marketing mix
  1. Align PR strategy with the brand strategy to gain the maximum traction.
  1. Increase brand awareness through both print advertisements and paid social advertising.
  1. Who doesn’t love free stuff? At times, free products, trials or shipping also get your brands more attention.
  1. These days, influencer marketing is also becoming quite popular to increase brand visibility. You can partner with social media celebrities who can use their influence to endorse your products.
  1. Participate in trade exhibitions and industry events to make people aware of your brands.
  1. Sponsor public events such as sports tournaments, marathons, festivals, auctions and roadshows to grab more eyeballs.
  1. Choose a social cause that your brand identifies with and partner with a charitable organization. Corporate philanthropy initiatives never go unnoticed!

Building brand visibility should be an on-going process. It does not have an expiry period. The more you invest continuously, the more it will boost your image.


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