Times flies away fast! FY 2019-20 has already started and we hope your marketing and brand management plan for this year is already worked smoothly. If it isn’t, don’t fret. Here is a handy checklist of marketing goals and trends that you should not overlook this year:


Focus on Customer Experience

Going forward customer experience will be crucial to customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention. A study has revealed that customer experience will gain more prominence than price and product as a key differentiator by 2020. In fact, 86% of customers will pay for better customer experience! It can’t be more crystal clear why customer experience enhancement should be every marketer’s top priority in 2020.


Prepare for Artificial Intelligence-Powered Marketing

AI is the futuristic technology that is here to stay. So, it makes more sense to embrace AI instead of perceiving it as a threat. Some of the marketing areas where AI can make a significant contribution are content creation, customer service (chatbots), highly targeted and segmented campaigns, and personalized brand communication. Sooner you start integrating AI into marketing, easier it will be to keep pace with it and reap its benefits.


Continue to Optimize Mobile Engagement

As per a Google survey, 96% of customers prefer to conduct their research on their mobile devices. It is no longer the case about why mobile marketing is important. It is all about how to optimize user engagement on smartphones. A mobile-optimized marketing strategy will give a competitive advantage in the market. Encourage your team to take up digital marketing courses that exclusively focus on mobile-optimization elements such as responsive web design, dynamic content, usability tools, page speed and user experience.


Integrating Social Messaging Apps in Marketing

Given that more than 50% of the mobile audience use social messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Snapchat, these are the emerging marketing channels. In fact, this kind of integration is touted as the next big thing in the mobile marketing world. Organizations such as Pizza Hut, Sephora, Hyatt, Washington Post and IKEA have already integrated these apps in their marketing strategy to connect with customers on a personal level and in a real-time manner.


Take Visualization to the Next Level

There is a reason why television advertising is considered more powerful than print ads in traditional marketing channels. It captures user attention faster and retains it for a longer period. Similarly, in digital marketing, videos and images have become powerful tools to gain brand visibility. The need for visual content is going to soar further and you need to be prepared on delivering it efficiently.


Now that you have got a fair idea of what to expect in 2020, put these goals on your to-do list today itself!

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