There are numerous ways and tools available for digital marketing and it depends on the business type what/which are the best to utilize. Check out our list of 25 must have digital marketing tools to boost your business



  1. Wyng- garners engagement based on user-generated content
  2. Woobox- a solution for running giveaways and competitions/contests
  3. Socioboard-helps in lead generation, customer support, marketing and engagement
  4. Hootsuite- manages multiple social platforms and gives in depth analytics data


  1. Nanigans- advertising software with main focus on Facebook marketing. The software has access to Facebook exchange for retargeting.
  2. Facebook’s power editor- Facebook’s own tool for creating, running campaigns and advertising. You can set limits to avoid blowing out your full budget.
  3. Twitter native platform- this is useful when the target customers are mobile users. The functionality is such that it targets certain keywords and whenever a twitterati tweets using those words, the leads are captured.
  4. Simply measured- this is tool effective in case of multiple social media channels and high competition in the market. Helps in capturing data for comparative analysis


  1. Mailchimp- a tool to create online newsletter and customize them for the viewers.
  2. Marketo-your one stop solution for email marketing as its automation feature works the best
  3. GetResponse- helps in analyzing specific trends and behaviors to trigger specific messages and auto responders
  4. Emma- a robust platform for email marketing that is backed by its strong customer support


  1. Apester- handy free tool for creating interactive content
  2. Piktochart-a tool for creating infographics and posters
  3. Canva- create attractive visuals and social media presentations
  4. Feedly- monitors content across the sites you visit and consolidates into a feed


  1. Instagram video- the recent in feature that lets you create small videos to interact
  2. Powtoon- for creating animated videos
  3. WeVideo- for video editing


  1. VigLink-provides massive database for affiliate marketing
  2. CJ Affiliate- one of the largest network of bloggers


  1. Moz- provides classic SEO practices and helps improve businesses
  2. Screaming frog- a spider tool that can crawl websites for complete analysis
  3. SEO Sitecheckup- gives you detailed analysis of your site
  4. Yoast SEO plugins for WordPress- helps in managing SEO and optimizing web pages


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