“The best brands are built on great stories.” This is a famous quote from Ian Rowden, Chief Marketing Officer of Virgin Group. True to the statement, storytelling has become an integral part of an organization’s brand-building activities these days. Industry giants like Coco-Cola, Google, Uber etc. have successfully harnessed the power of brand storytelling. Building an authentic brand story helps a business stand out in a crowded market and garner attention from customers, further affecting business growth.

Building a compelling story requires profound thought and definite skill. Here are four basic steps to frame a convincing brand story that articulate an organization’s brand values with relevant brand communication strategies.


Dig out the facts

Let’s begin with putting the facts straight up. Analyze the cause of your business and the problems your brand is trying to resolve for your consumers. Dig out the details, interesting facts, and testimonials – any experience that stands out in favour of your business. This will help you with a great start in framing your brand story.


Establish an emotional connection

Your consumers will be least interested in consuming the fact-laden statements about the quality of the product, brand orientation, or history. The current trends show that people do not want to read the story but by the story. So, give them opportunities to establish an emotional connection with your brand. This effectively makes the brand story memorable for your consumers.


Give a sense of fulfilment

An effective brand story does not boast about the advantages of using the product. It focuses on fulfilling the consumer’s need. The brand story should brag about how your product or service gives a sense of self-fulfilment to the consumers, rather than just meeting their basic requirements.  Align the brand story with the values of your customers, such that they cannot resist experiencing your product or service.


Be consistent

Consistency is indispensable to online brand management. It is highly significant for your brand communication strategy. Every brand message or campaign should tell your brand story effectively; and no matter what, the story should be consistent and unwavering.


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