We all do it. Numerous tweets, posts, grams, videos, images, and more content is delivered to us each day. And we share it.

There is a lot of digital activity taking place in each second. And an incredible amount of data is being generated every minute on the internet. As per available estimates, 2 million blog posts are being created every day.

Also available are advertisements, promo emails, personalized messages and more. Consumers are flooded with content. And there lies the challenge for professionals with digital marketing certification. Let’s understand some of the tried, tested and proven content marketing tips to help marketers avail a competitive edge.


Make it data-centric

Data is the superstar now. And it has come with a magical wand to make your content as well as business gain higher profits. People will like it when you provide them with alluring content. However, they get delighted and attracted to your content when it is included with facts and data points. Ensure that the content you publish is based on facts and is backed up with data points.


Remarket your content

Definitely, you will put in effort, time and money to create attractive content. So make sure you gain maximum benefit out of it. Remarketing refers to the marketing tactic in which you tag your visitors and target them after they leave your website. It is a way to reengage the visitors who have already shown interest in your content. Engage in content remarketing activities in order to improve the lead generation.


Keywords are still relevant

Good quality content does not require the support of keywords when you think logically. However, in the current scenario, the golden rule is to produce high-quality content which is SEO-friendly as well. So your content creation should start with research on the targeted keywords.


Make it mobile-friendly

Who is patient enough to open the laptop when they have their smartphone to browse the web? So make it mobile-friendly. Research shows that there is a higher bounce rate when people go through the content on their smartphone.


Publish the best

Me-too kind of articles does make sense; only if you are using them with attractive titles and improving with data points. Ideally, it is better to go with the best of contents once a week than posting meaningless content every day.

Well, you apply smart content marketing tips. But make sure you evaluate the performance of it. And change the content strategy accordingly.

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