Like everything else in the world, the field of digital marketing also has several misconceptions woven around it. While there is nothing much that can be done to prevent or rule out these myths, the least we can do is to clarify them for you.


We would recommend registering in online digital marketing courses to dig deeper into these misconceptions, but here is a quick overview.


  1. Digital Marketing is Expensive

Actually not! Digital marketing is much cheaper than traditional marketing such as print and tv advertisements, brochures, etc. There are printing and distribution costs involved. But, in digital marketing, all you need is a laptop and internet connection. Digital marketing can reach out to masses at no cost.


  1. Digital Marketing is Too Complicated

Digital marketing can look overwhelming for novices since there are different platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, etc.) and branches (SEO, email marketing, influencer marketing, etc.). Once you understand their fundamentals, it is very easy to play around them. However, it is important that you have sufficient knowledge about them and what better way than online digital marketing courses to begin?


  1. Digital Marketing is Only for Large Businesses

Digital marketing is for every nature and size of business! In fact, it is a boon for small businesses because they have limited budget and resources. Digital marketing can help small-sized companies to contact and engage customers across the world. You can start selling online even if you don’t have a physical shop.


  1. Digital Marketing is Time-Consuming

This is the age of speed and technology. Everything has to happen quickly and in real-time. Digital marketing lets you do so. You can post content as and when you want the message to reach to your customers. Had it been traditional marketing, it would have taken days or weeks to connect with the target audience. Moreover, digital marketing equips you with several tools which ensure that you get timely notifications or reminders – so you don’t have to spend much time in reality.


  1. Digital Marketing Brings Brand Image Down

On the contrary, it can give your business visibility a much-needed boost. Digital marketing is a powerful tool to inform people about your product or services across the world. Yes, there may be times when people may post negative reviews or comments. However, if your product and customer service are flawless, you have nothing to worry about. You have just to make sure that you respond appropriately to every comment posted online and resolve customer grievances promptly.


Digital marketing is the need of the hour for every business. Don’t dwell on misconceptions, act now.


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