There is huge competition in the job market. There are more job seekers and lesser job opportunities. Whether you are a fresh college pass out or an employed professional, there are many struggles of landing a suitable job.


Is there a way to enhance your job prospects and make your resume better than the others? Yes, certainly! Online professional certification courses can add immense value to your job profile. While a formal educational degree is very important, it can’t be denied that most academic curricula do not include industry and practical training. With everyone being armed with a college degree, there needs to be something extra to show on your CV.

Check out five important professional certification courses that can get you employed sooner than your peers.


Digital Marketing Courses

With customers and organizations shifting rapidly to digital lives, it is imperative that service providers know the in and out of the internet and social media platforms. No matter what subject matter expertise you have, digital marketing courses can come handy at any point in time.


Business Management Courses

These days, most organizations want their employees to become business partners – meaning that they want you to become contributors to the growth of a business. An online course for business management can help you to get a deep insight into how a business world really works. When you join an organization as a salaried professional, you will know which key areas you should focus on to understand the nature of business.


IT Application Courses

If you are a technology professional, IT application certificate courses are a must. While you may have obtained a general degree in IT, a specialized course will equip you with the precise skills required to do the job. Reputed IT companies such as Microsoft and CISCO have some amazing courses in the beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. It is up to you to cross each level and gain the necessary expertise! As they say, the sky is the limit!


Finance Courses

There are also several courses in finance available online. Nowadays, there are numerous certificate programs that can enhance your financial and accounting skills. These courses also cover new technologies and programming software that are necessary for every finance professional to know.


Human Resources Courses

Are you aspiring to build a career in human resources? The e-learning world has something to offer for you too! You can do courses in various functions of human resources such as employee training, legal and administrative, social and human capital, HR technology and so on.


Doing any of the certificate programs above as per your subject matter and interest will go a long way in getting employed!

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