It is quite important to create a team that loves to come to work. Apart from a good salary, friendly office ambience and growth opportunities, there is one more key element that drives the team performance. This missing element is leadership.

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5 Leadership Strategies To Improve Team Performance


Your team looks up to you. If you can keep the team motivated and conflict-free, consider your job done. However, if you have been struggling with your leadership vis-a-vis team performance, here are a few strategies that could pull you out of this situation:

1. Give Recognition

Your employees feel valued and appreciated if you recognize them for their contribution to work. You can get them engaged and committed more positively. If you find that the team is doing a great job, then be vocal about their achievements. Treat them with awards, rewards and goodies such as team lunches/dinners, a company-paid vacation or free movie tickets.

2. Gain skills to empower your team

Learning is the only thing constant and even leaders must learn to attain a quality team of employees that can together work towards a business goal. One can enrol themselves into a leadership online course that can any given day brighten up their chances to quick success and attain top management positions.

3. Embrace the Learning

You must imbibe the feeling of improvement in your team by encouraging continuous learning. It can be done through regular seminars, conferences, or training sessions that help to increase the skills. You can also recommend them to acquire certification in a strategic business management course from From IIM LUCKNOW. It will help the team members to gain new leadership skills and thus ensure the growth of the business. They will realize that you care for their career growth.

3. Encourage Transparent Communication

Did you know that lack of communication is one of the greatest drawbacks of an effective team? Encourage the smooth flow of communication between the team members by outlining their roles and responsibilities, empowering them with online collaboration tools (especially if it is a remote working team), doing regular reviews, and handling their grievances promptly.

4. Build Strong Company Culture

Culture eats strategy for breakfast’ – this famous quote from the legendary management guru Peter Drucker still holds true. Give time to your employees to gel with each other and understand the company’s vision. This will fuel their passion and allow them to merge with your goal, leading to the success of the organisation.

5. Provide Work-Life Balance

Increase the productivity of your team by recharging their batteries. Let them spend time with their families, plan team get-togethers and provide them with facilities such as crèche, gym, meals etc. at workplaces. Such initiatives will let the employees take off their minds from both personal and professional workload at regular intervals.

It is challenging for a leader to build a team that is willing to work together leaving their differences aside. These strategic ideas will help you to improve the performance of the team and to enhance your personal career graph with online leadership courses that can get your career going in a matter of no time.


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