A formal education from a well-acclaimed business school is just not the end of your learning process if your intention is to become a successful marketing professional. Getting certifications for accredited online marketing programs is integral to improve your career prospects.

A regular internet search for marketing certification programs will give you substantial results. Most of the marketing and brand management programs are easily accessible and essentially encompasses multiple-choice questions. Read here a collated list of the most recommended marketing certifications and you can prioritize accordingly to your requirement.


  • Google Ads

Adwords is an effective technique to attract traffic to the website and this certification is an appropriate choice to enhance the credibility of a marketer. You should pass the Google Fundamental Exam with a score higher than 80% after creating an account in Google Partners. This online certification program will teach you the best practices for the management and optimization of Adwords campaigns.

  • Marketing Analytics

Nevertheless to mention relevant data forms an essential part of successful marketing campaigns. Marketing Analytics is a web analytics service to track and record website traffic. Those who want to learn the marketing analytics skill can opt IIM Lucknow Marketing analytics course to enhance their analytics skill of analyzing data. Also, get trained in making the right use of web analytics and analytics tools to capture the right data and plan the complete marketing strategy.

  • Professional Certified Marketer

This online marketing course is offered by the American Marketing Association and is ideal for marketers working in any specialisations. It offers a general approach to the field of marketing and the course structure includes topics like business ethics as well as a marketing strategy and data evaluation.

  • Hootsuite Certification

This industry-recognized certification is focused on social media marketing and the program helps marketers for better management of social media accounts. This course is ideal for individuals specialised in digital marketing and anybody can sign up for the program to take the examination after reviewing the course materials.

  • Marketing Management Course

There are a handful of credible certification courses in marketing management for a novice industry professional to understand the ground realities in the world of marketing. The course will help to understand the fundamentals of marketing management and further lead towards better career prospects.


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