No matter how many marketers have written off emails as an internet marketing tool, the fact is that it remains popular. A study reveals that 72% of people still prefer emails as a medium of communication over other channels. Emails are here to stay and so is the email marketing.

(Source: MarketingDive)

If email campaigns handled poorly, it can do more harm than good to brands. In order to help you leverage email marketing effectively, we have debunked the following five myths.


Myth 1: Customers are quick to mark unwanted emails as the ‘spam’.

Emails are notorious for spamming. However, the fact is that only less than 1 out of 2000 subscribers are known to mark emails as spams. So, you can rest assured that the probability of your emails going to the spam folder is minimal.


Myth 2: Customers are already overwhelmed with too many emails from brands.

If you think that your email will be lost in the pool of emails that barrage the mailbox of customers, then you don’t need to worry anymore. Statistics reveal that 60% of customers receive less than 6 emails every day from trusted brands and 40% among these received only 3 and fewer emails. So, your email has high chances of delivering the message intended.


Myth 3: More the number of emails you send, more the customers will ignore you.

This does sound logical. However, it isn’t the case in reality. If you send four emails every month instead of one, then it doubles the number of customers opening at least one of those emails. In fact, some brands have registered a significant increase in revenues with this email strategy.


Myth 4: Keep your marketing emails short.

Who has the time today to read long texts? So, ideally, the short and sweet mantra should work. The truth is that it can be of varying lengths, depending on your product or message you want to deliver. It is advisable to pen a lengthier email rather than the one that includes incomplete information. If your product is technical or complex in nature, the content need not be restricted to fewer sentences.


Myth 5: Emails with short subject lines gives better results.

You must have been often receiving advice to limit the subject lines of emails to 25-30 characters either because customers read only a few words or it should fit into the smartphone screen. Studies have revealed that subject lines over 70 characters increases clicks whereas under 60 characters increases open-rate.

Do you know that there are several other such myths that you might be not aware of? You can ease your worries by enrolling in a digital marketing course. The right kind of digital marketing training will ensure that you stay abreast with the true facts.


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