Jack Welch is unarguably the most famous CEO alive today. What if you could interact with him, LIVE, and he answered all your questions about business leadership?

He is one of those rare few individuals who brought agility to an ailing behemoth that General Electric was, in the 1970s.

And so the story goes, he was on the verge of leaving GE out of frustration when his supervisor convinced him to stay. Not only that, he also made the successful climb from a junior chemical engineer to the Chairman and CEO of one of the world’s largest corporations in a span of 20 years.

Indeed, if there is one business leader who knows how to climb the ranks in management as well as comfortably turn any business profitable, anyone in the corporate world will tell you that it is Jack Welch and no one else.


Which brings us to Reason #1:

The once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of learning business leadership management directly from the legend, Jack Welch, himself.

Jack Welch’s own Executive Program in Leadership and Strategic Management is hand crafted by Jack Welch and aimed at Managers and Business Leaders of Today to become Corporate Superstars of tomorrow! The same way that Mr. Welch turned a $14 billion enterprise into a $410 billion conglomerate.


And here’s Reason #2:

Not only is the program designed by Jack Welch, the world’s greatest CEO, but he actually appears in it, too!

This is the first and probably the only time that you would get the opportunity to interact with a living legend of the corporate world! This program features a live and virtual interaction with Mr. Jack Welch, where he will address you in his famous straightforward manner and answer questions concerning your company


 Need more reasons? Here’s Reason # 3 :

This is NOT an academic program. It’s real life business program, where you are taught by India’s top CEOs, not professors!

Which simply means, that the people who are teaching you leadership are leaders themselves and what you will be taught is their practical, no nonsense experience and learning in actual business situations, not theoretical corporate jargon.


But, don’t leave without reading Reason #4:

This is the only strategy and leadership program to offer you tables, charts, plans and playbooks designed by Mr. Jack Welch himself!

One of the things that makes Jack Welch great is his “learn today, implement at work tomorrow” approach. Without this simple straightforward philosophy, it’s impossible to turn a company into profitability in a short period of time. So, naturally, this one is a must have!

But if you haven’t headed over to Enquire more about it yet,


Reason #5 is the inspiration you need to act now!

The Executive Certificate in Leadership and Strategic Management is a limited and exclusive program that will soon become an invitation-only course for top business leaders. However, as a part of the program launch in India, the limited seats are not only open, but also come at a promotional pricing!

So Act Now and take charge of your company!


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