Google Shopping is a feature that lets your consumer search for products and compare prices through Google Search. Earlier known by the name Google Product Search, Google Shopping is rather a space for search marketers and advertisers where they can effectively utilize to gain business benefits. No, it offers no scope for organic listings.


Interested in knowing a few tips to improve your Google Shopping results? Read it here. You might not have learned these strategies in your certification course in digital marketing.


Make your pricing competitive  

Put your pricing competitive in Google Shopping. You’ll likely get more clicks as proven by the recent statistics. And yes, better conversion rates as well!


Use keywords in your product title

So the golden rule is use keywords in your product title extensively rather than limiting it. In short, keyword stuffing probably helps you in Google Shopping.


Consider this example. Suppose you are selling a particular product in bulk. Use the word ‘bulk’ in the product title. Ensure the product data is included in the title.


Watch the time

Conversion rates differ according to the time of the day and week in Google Adwords. Increase and decrease your bids on an hourly basis. This is to maximise your ROI.  You can even change the bids 24 times per day using a bidding script and increase it at peak time and decrease when there is poor response.


Remarketing helps

Remarketing has been proven a successful strategy to improve conversions. People who have come to your website previously are likely to become your customer. It makes sense if you add remarketing lists for search ads to increase bids and make the ads visible for them again.


Make it product based

Segment your Google Shopping feed by individual product ID. And expect better performance. You won’t be disappointed. Since each product in your shop is differently priced and carries a different profit margin. It’s a wise strategy to set up bids as per the product.


Here’s the takeaway point. Keep your strategies right. And maximise your ROI in Google Shopping. It’s worth the effort you put in learning the best strategies in Google Shopping!


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