“The lead generation process starts by finding out where your target market lives on the web.’

-Wayne Davis, Marketing Guru


If there are no leads, there is no business. The marketing mantra can’t get more basic than this. The good news is that internet and social media have opened up vistas of lead generation opportunities. The entire globe is your market. Now, the question is what you can do to improve online lead generation?

5 proven tactics to make lead generation effective for your business.

1. Optimize Your Website

Your website is the first place your potential customers look for you! So, first of all, make sure you build a website. Secondly, optimize it with relevant keywords so that customers can find it easily in the search engines. The website should be easy to navigate. Do not forget to dedicate to have a contact form – when visitors fill them; they become potential leads for you.


2. Publish Useful Content

Customers visit your website, blogs or social media platforms for useful information. So, the content you publish should be highly customer-focused that helps them to make purchasing decisions. You can even choose to keep all or a part of the content premium, meaning that customer has to sign up to access them. For example, white papers and e-books. This is another lead generation tactic for you.


3. Leverage the Power of Videos

You may have noticed that an increasing number of posts on Facebook are videos – either recorded or live. This is because videos are a powerful visual tool to get the message across to the audience. Now, how do you use videos to generate leads? By including a lead capture form! Certain video hosting platforms allow you to include this form before or after the video which customer can fill directly. It is assumed that people who have taken time to watch video wouldn’t mind filling up a form – a qualified lead for sure!

4. Use SEO and PPC

Search Engine Optimization (organic) and Pay-Per-Click (paid) have been by far the most popular lead generation strategies. They bring higher visibility to your website, landing pages and social media handles. More the clicks, higher the number of leads you can generate.


5. Free Offers

Who doesn’t love free stuff? The ‘free offer’ tactic works very well when you are new in business or running a campaign. You can lure the potential customers by giving them free product trials, subscription, consultations or content in lieu of their contact information.

Lead generation is an art and science both. To discover how you can do it in the best manner possible, it is recommended to take up a digital marketing certification course.


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