Most employees worry before an actual work performance review discussion takes place in yearly appraisals. They are concerned about how their performance has been evaluated, what the conversation will focus on, whether they will find the career progression that they are looking for and so on. An online performance management course can help you get a better perspective of the same. But here are some things that you as an organization can keep in mind about the expectations that employees have, from the performance discussions.


  1. They want it to be fair – This might sound like stating the obvious but the extent of biases that are present within performance reviews, is very high. Each employee wants that the review should be fair, objective and unbiased. It should be a reflection of their actual performance and not the manager’s bias.
  2. They want it to be clear – Performance reviews should be clear in the feedback they provide. That is what will lead to improvement as well as motivation for employees. If the reviews are confusing or unclear, the employee does not know how to use the provided feedback to better their performance.
  3. They want it to be future-focused – Employees want to get information on how it will impact their careers in the future. Performance reviews have a direct link to career development and rewards. Hence they need to be designed to share what impact it will have on the individual.
  4. They want it to be comprehensive – They want inputs to be comprehensive and taken from all those who work with them. Employees are hesitant to believe a review which is only done by the manager. They want the review to have insights from even their team members, clients, leaders and even vendors in some cases.
  5. They want it to be frequent – They do not want it to be an annual affair which takes place once in the entire cycle. Frequent and consistent review helps them to keep themselves updated on the gaps that exist and how they can course correct. Employees prefer regular discussions and immediate feedback from their managers so that they have the opportunity to rectify any major concern areas mid-year, rather than let it impact their entire year’s performance.

These are the kind of things that employees want out of their performance reviews. It is the single-most-important process for an individual because it defines the course of their career and has serious implications for them. Organizations should be cognizant of that and work on them accordingly.

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