If you ask any HR professional his greatest workplace challenge, then it would have to do with employee engagement. Various studies have proved that workplace engagement enhances employee productivity, makes them more customer-focused and results in high morale.

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5 ways you can improve workplace engagement:

1. Give Recognition

It is human nature to need validation for their actions. Whenever the employees have performed a task well or exceeded the expectations, the organization must give them recognition to value their contribution. This can be in the form of a cash bonus, certificate of appreciation, standing ovation, public felicitation or any other perk.


2. Establish the Mentor Programme

It is not unusual for employees to lose focus on their objectives or feel lost at work. This can be tackled by engaging them with the help of mentors. These mentors can be the manager, colleague, consultant or anyone that the employees feel comfortable talking about their concerns. A formal mentorship programme in the organization will help employees to open about their concerns and seek advice without any embarrassment or inhibitions.


3. Encourage Innovation

An organization which promotes the culture of innovation can engage its employees better than others. When employees get an opportunity to brainstorm, present ‘out-of-box’ solutions and make mistakes, they feel more aligned with organizational goals. They feel a sense of belonging. They realize that they are the primary stakeholders who can lead the organization towards greater heights.


4. Foster Collaboration

Workplace conflicts and politics can result in negative vibes. It can adversely affect team spirit, resulting in poor employee engagement. Collaboration is the most important element of office communication that businesses have to focus on. When all employees and teams are on the same page with respect to clarity of goals and responsibilities, it sets a strong foundation for teamwork. It gives way to healthy conflicts and discussions.


5. Promote Wellness Programmes

Work pressures coupled with personal stress cause employees to neglect their health. The constant fatigue has an undesirable impact on their mental well-being. When they don’t feel good physically and emotionally, they can’t concentrate on their job. Wellness programmes such as healthy food, gym facility, crèches, flexible work hours and remote working will keep them away from health worries and enhance their engagement levels.

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