So, it’s one of the best tools in a digital marketing professional’s armour. It’s a must-try technique to gain maximum impressions on the web page. And it’s getting more competitive these days. Yes, we’re talking about Pay Per Click campaign, popularly known as PPC.

Are you someone new to digital marketing? Listed below are five amazing tools to help you in optimizing your PPC campaigns.



We know you want to increase conversion rates, but minimize the expense. Period! That is why you need Pagewiz. Because it lets you build your landing page and make alterations and analyse which one works best for conversion rates. This tool lets you design the landing pages, automate A/B testing, manage leads etc.


Adwords Editor

Here’s the tool which is greatly helpful while you run large sized campaigns or multiple campaigns in Google Adwords. It helps you save time by making the whole process faster. You can view and edit extensions of your campaign. And include dynamic search ad extensions, locations extensions and site links.


Both novices and veterans find this tool helpful for optimizing PPC campaigns. It’s a sure shot way to improve your work efficiency while you set up multiple campaigns.


Google Keyword Research Tool

This is supposed to be your initial tool when you plan for a PPC campaign. When you run out of ideas about the keywords that people search with regards to your business, you can rely on the Google Keyword Research Tool. You will get different variations. So you can set up the PPC campaign accordingly, and aim for better results.



Optimizely is another incredible tool for you to easily split test the landing pages. All you need is to enter the URL of your landing page. And the tool will upload the respective page on its system. You can do the patch-ups and edits including the call to action buttons then and there, and test it before running the campaign.



When you want to spy into your competitor’s campaign performances, this tool does the task for you. You get to know the changes your competitors are making in their accounts using the tool.


Get, set, and start your PPC campaigns with the best available tools!


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