With every business going online and transactions happening electronically, the demand for Cybersecurity professionals is more than ever. In fact, given the way the digital world is progressing so fast, there are and will be umpteen opportunities for cybersecurity experts.


Many job aspirants have realized the carer growth prospects in this field and have been signing up for cyber security course. However, before enrolling in any such course, it is important to understand the core skills that employers expect from cybersecurity professionals.


  1. Security Analytics Skill

This is the topmost technical skill requirement for cybersecurity professionals. They should be able to keep a close monitoring on a company’s computer networks and computing environments to hunt for threats and identify cyber-attacks. They should also be able to assess how weak or strong the threat is and how prompt action is required.

  1. Secure Application Development Skill

These days, almost every business has a website and a mobile app. A part of the information is available for public information, while the rest is highly sensitive for privacy reasons. At times, developers forget to consider security right from the design stage. Organizations would need people who can develop a secure interface for their online presence across all platforms and devices from the foundation.

  1. Toolkit Maintenance Skill

Cybersecurity requires owning or having knowledge of several tools. These tools need to be updated from time to time and also protected from ransomware attacks. A cybersecurity professional should be able to maintain these tools as per standard procedures.

  1. Incident Responder Skill

Incident responders are akin to disaster management experts. When a cyber-attack happens, they know how to tackle the situation in a timely manner and help the organisation navigate through it with minimal damage. An incident responder is required to know all the internet protocols, programming skills, intruder techniques, IoT devices and malicious code. He is also expected to have strong negotiation skills to deal with cyber attackers.

  1. Communication Skill

Communication is a skill that is a requirement of every role, and cybersecurity is no exception. A cybersecurity professional has to collaborate with developers, IT teams, vendors, end-users and other cybersecurity colleagues to ensure that all threats are captured and eliminated timely. If there is poor communication among everyone, the cyber attack could become a monster, and it may be too late to respond to the situation with massive damages.

  1. Strategy Design Skill

A cybersecurity expert should be able to visualize the big picture and potential threats to create a robust security policy for the company. S/he should make sure that cybersecurity policy is integral to the overall business strategy.


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