The marketing domain, especially the digital realm, has witnessed unremitted success. With the surge in the amount of data being consumed, businesses are being forced to make way for marketing, branding, and analytics jobs.

This presents a unique opportunity for professionals aspiring to build a career in this domain. So this is a shout-out to all the marketing aspirants out there, the time to build a career in this domain in NOW!


Whether you are pursuing credible certificate courses in marketing or striving to join a regular marketing program, take a look at the career opportunities you’ll have at the end of your course.


Top 7 Lucrative Careers in Marketing and Branding

1. Corporate Communications Manager

The corporate communications manager is a niche job in this domain. As a corporate communications manager, you’ll be responsible for crafting a company’s messaging strategy and overseeing the delivery of engaging content via press releases, corporate speeches, presentations, internal communications, etc.


More often than not, you’ll also be required to oversee an entire team of writers, developers, and communication strategists who’ll curate the content and PR communications for the organisation. Online certificate courses in marketing can help you gain the expertise and experience you need to achieve this role, including exposure to public relations, media, and communications.


2. Marketing Research Manager

In order to curate a sound marketing strategy, marketers need to have an in-depth understanding of their customers and the market. That’s where your role as a marketing research manager comes in. You’ll be responsible for overseeing a market research team that will be tasked with analysing the company’s industry, competitors, and customers.


Typically, you’ll be required to liaise with a number of teams to share insights, make recommendations, and develop guidelines to optimise the marketing efforts and ensure that the strategy is headed in the right direction.


3. Product Marketing Manager

The product marketing manager’s job comes in when a new product is about to be launched. When Apple launches a new iPhone, they want their customers not only to be excited about it but also understand what is so compelling about the new product, what features it offers, etc.


This is where a product marketing manager plays a crucial role. They are responsible for researching, positioning, messaging, and launching the products with continuous marketing efforts. If you go down this path, you’ll be responsible for all of this and curating marketing strategies to engage the audience by communicating the functionality, features, benefits, etc., in a way that they are not only apprised of the product but actually inclined to buy it.


Simply put, everything that goes on behind the curtain before a product’s launch comes under the purview of a product marketing manager.


4. Brand Marketing Manager

A company’s brand is directly proportional to the way its customers perceive it. As a brand marketing manager, you’ll basically be the keeper of your organisation’s brand. You’ll be responsible for overseeing the brand strategy, ensuring that the products, marketing campaigns, events, and other branding initiatives align with the organisation’s objectives and are well-received by their target demographic.


The best part about being a brand marketing manager? The role is creative, and the job will never get monotonous. However, you do need excellent analytical skills to determine the success of different branding activities and look for ways to optimise future efforts. But don’t fret; there are several online certificate courses in marketing that can help you build this skill set.


One such online certificate course you can rely on is the XLRI marketing analytics course. Offered on the Talentedge platform, this course offers extensive knowledge and understanding of brand, sales, and marketing, along with strategies and tips to increase brand visibility.


5. Management Consultant

Considering the increasing dynamism and complexity of the business landscape, comapnies are seeking guidance from management consultants. What’s more, in recent years, it has become one of the highest paying jobs in the domain.


As a marketing consultant, you’ll be responsible for assisting companies in making informed and viable decisions related to their branding, sales, and marketing efforts. Moreover, you’ll be working on different projects with different companies and may even get to travel internationally if you play your cards right.


6. Digital Marketing Manager

Digital marketing has become the most sought careers for marketing professionals, especially entry-level aspirants who are tech-savvy and social media enthusiasts. However, effectively delivering the company’s message without coming across as annoying or petulant is a challenge you’ll need to overcome.


This is where the XLRI marketing analytics course comes into play. The XLRI analytics course helps you delve deeper into the analytics end of marketing to understand which type of content and platform your audience engages with. Additionally, if you are striving to understand the difference between sales management and marketing management, this course can help you with that too!


7. Content Marketing Strategist

Content marketing is deemed to be one of the most exciting jobs in the domain. In today’s internet-powered world, content has become the king. Everyone wants to rule the digital realm and content marketing is the answer. This is where a content marketing strategist comes into the picture.


You guessed it right, as a content marketing strategist, you’ll be required to forge a nexus between your organisation and its audience to boost the sale of its products. This requires marketing the right kind of content to the right audience and gain traction. To reap the best results, professionals with content marketing training under their belt are the most preferred.


To Be or Not to Be – That’s NOT the Question

A career in marketing will be lucrative if you have the proper credentials and skill set for it. The only question is, which field interests you? Is content marketing your top choice, or do you want to play it safe with digital marketing? There’s nothing wrong with either of these career paths; both are lucrative, both are highly competitive and interesting.


If not this, you can also go for social media manager positions or perhaps public relations is your area of expertise. Well, whatever your career goal is, the XLRI marketing analytics course can help you achieve it. So enrol for this incredible online course TODAY!



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