Whoa! Did someone call social media wave a fad? No, it’s hardly possible to ignore the social media wave. Particularly, when you think from the marketing perspective.


On the other hand, these days’ marketers are digging out ways to get maximum leverage out of social media by implying creative and thoughtful strategies.

Here are 8 tips to remember to get the most out of your social analytics.


Be clear about your goals

Set your objectives right; before you finalize your social media strategy. Also, set realistic expectations about conversion rates, website traffic, page followers etc.


Know the right channels

Start with Google Analytics to recognize the relevant social channel that is bringing more visitors to your website. Also, it will let you know the quality of traffic your website is receiving.


Have a baseline

Before you start analysing performance of your posts, spend time to analyse the average performance per channel over the past few months. This way you can have a clear baseline for the future analytics.


Get it at one place

Build a multi channel dashboard where you can get reports about the performance of your posts in different social media. You can save time and compare the performance in one screen itself.


Know the KPI’s

Once you know about your Key Performance Indicators, it will be easy to measure and evaluate the social media performance. Know the right metrics so that your content creation can be channelized to reach the goal.


Set smarter goals

Create brand awareness? Need email sign-ups? Aim for community engagement? Create more followers? Map out your goals according to the time, and keep updating your targets every quarter.


Repost evergreen content

The social media analytics tools will help you find out the best followed and shared posts on your page. Take advantage of it by reposting it regularly, provided it is relevant for the time.


Play with time frames

Social analytics will help you understand the time frames that your page becomes more active. You can experiment with the timings and gain more engagement for relevant posts.

The power of social media in gaining relevant insights about consumers cannot be ignored. Make sure you go with the flow, and harness the power of new age technology!

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