Strategic management acts as a foundation for all the key decisions taken by an organization. It attempts to prepare the workforce for all the future challenges and plays the role of a pioneer in exploring opportunities. It also helps in identifying the ways and provides a roadmap to reach those opportunities. The basic purpose of strategic management is to gain a sustained competitive advantage for the firm; it is possible by developing and implementing such strategies that create value for the organization. Strategic management helps focus on assessing the opportunities and threats, keeping in mind the firm’s strengths and weaknesses and developing strategies for its survival, growth and expansion.


How does strategic management prepare one for a leadership role?


The employment of a successful strategy helps define your business and displays your abilities as a leader. Strategic implementation requires a dedicated manager who is familiar with the systems and processes involved in making a decision. So, hiring a person who is adept at strategic management becomes essential.


  • Communicating the Plans


Strategic implementation begins with setting specific goals and objectives and communicating these to your employees. You need to prioritize your objectives, allocate resources at employees’ disposal, explain and guide your vision to the team. Communicating well ensures your listeners comprehend your words and are able to put them into action.


  • Giving Out Assignments


Proper delegation is another key to prepare yourself for a leadership role. It facilitates a smooth implementation of the business strategy. The manager who is charged with strategic implementation should be able to pick out the best resources to move the project forward and make it a success. Leading a project requires taking the pain to discover and test the abilities of your staff. You have to establish a chain of command and lay down a set of processes by hiring mini-leaders who understand the scope of implementation and share the same vision as yours.


  • Monitoring the Execution


Participate in all the avenues of the strategic management process. Ask questions and observe what your employees do in order to understand the processes involved. Ask your team leaders for weekly reports and updates. Keep abreast all the problems that arise and handle them instantaneously; document the process carefully so you and others can refer to it for future ventures. In order to become a successful leader, you have to be flexible if something does not work. Find other avenues till you find something that works.


  • Encouraging the Staff


Your thoughts, your attitude and your energy are contagious to the staff; if you are energetic and willing to give your best, others will follow suit. Encouraging your staff lays the foundation for successful leadership. To become a successful leader, you have to be a consistent role model who stays on tasks, works to solve problems, and keeps to a schedule.



To become adept at strategic management, you will need guidance and a sense of direction. You can attain proficiency by taking strategic management courses online. A strategic management course will help you inherit the traits of strategic implementation that will make you an enthusiastic, imaginative, people-oriented person, one who is ideal for the role of a leader.


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