No matter at which level you are in your career, it’s never too late to develop your leadership skills. That being said, leadership skills have become a necessity in today’s dynamic and ever-changing world.


However, there’s a new concept emerging in today’s era – strategic leadership.


It leads to higher workplace satisfaction, and as a result of which, employees are more engaged. And the happier/engaged the employees are, the better they work, ultimately enhancing productivity.

  • But how can you advance into a strategic leadership role?
  • What different ways are there?
  • Is it a skill, a lifestyle, or a type of leadership?


Let’s find out.

Inspired by the world’s greatest leaders and managers, here are some tips to advance to the strategic leadership role.

Strategic Management Excellence


Best Tips for Strategic Leadership Role:


1. Delegate, Delegate, Delegate

A strategic leadership style is about freeing up your time to focus on the bigger picture. This means you’ll need to learn how and delegate tasks efficiently to ensure flawless execution.


That’ll also give you more time for reflection, strategising, leading teams effectively and other crucial activities required of a strategic leader. This also evens out your workload and gives you more time to be a leader.


Delegating can be difficult for some people, but it’s a skill worth mastering. It may take time and practice, but once you’ve mastered the art of delegation, you can maximise your potential and advance into a strategic leadership role.


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2. Be a Strategic Yet Transparent Leader

Limiting transparency may work in the army. However, on this side of the country, it can leave room for complications, interpretations, and problematic consequences. And this confusion often leads to poor project execution.


So be honest and transparent with your team. If you are expecting any big changes, keep them in the loop or at least prepare them for such an event.


Here are some ways that a strategic yet transparent style of leadership could benefit you:-


  • You will be able to understand what’s happening in your organisation, which can lead to better decision making.
  • Your team may feel more trusting and loyal towards you as a result of the increased transparency; this could also boost their morale.
  • You’ll have an easier time delegating tasks.


3. Create a Safe Haven for New Ideas

Let the innovation flourish!


Today’s workforce is changing; millennials are taking over. And they don’t like to be suppressed. So, it’s time to stop the top-down approach and create a safe haven for new ideas.


Let your team have a voice and express their thoughts and strategies. You never know, a star leader may emerge amidst all the chaos.


If you feel like you need some expert guidance, you can always pursue an online strategic leadership and management course. These courses can help you understand what it means to be a strategic leader and what are the characteristics of leadership and management.


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4. Demonstrate Strong Communication and Listening Skills


Strong communication skills are imperative for any strategic leader.


A good strategic leader is able to listen and communicate well with people at all levels of the organisation, including those in different departments. This requires careful listening and sharing your thoughts respectfully and effectively across a wide variety of audiences.


Here are some practical ways you can demonstrate strong communication and listening skills in your organisation:-


  • Encourage team members to set aside regular time for strategic planning and meetings.
  • Provide them with information on the market, industry, customers, competitors, etc.
  • Keep them informed of what’s happening internally.
  • Connect with them as a mentor, guide, and confidant.
  • Communicate the mission and goal statement effectively throughout the organisation.


1. Share the Glory


It is common for high-level executives or managers to hoard credit and blame. It has long been a challenge to get these people to share the glory with their team members, but it’s important because everyone deserves recognition for contributing in some way.


Bosses and managers always take credit for the team’s hard work and success. However, this is not how a strategic leader does it. A strategic leader is team-oriented and is more than happy to share the glory and credit for a job well done. They admit that the success was a team effort, all the while earning respect and loyalty from their team members.


After all, no one wants to work under an “I-did-it-all-thank-you-very-much” leader.


The advanced strategic management course from IIM Raipur can help you to become a strategic leader and motivate your team members. This online strategic leadership and management course can also acquaint you with the peculiarities of global strategic management so you’ll have a well-rounded education of the domain.


2. Learn How to Develop and Inspire a Team


Strategic leaders must know how to balance the needs of their team so that they can work as a cohesive unit. It’s about being able to inspire people and make them want to follow you on your journey.


And it goes without saying, but strategic leadership is all about inspiring others!

Strategic leaders are constantly looking for new ways to motivate employees. Some of the ways you can develop and inspire a team include:-

  • Communicating the vision and values of your team.
  • Demonstrating a winning attitude by being optimistic, determined, persistent, goal-driven etc.
  • Focusing on motivating employees with intrinsic motivation such as feeling valued or recognised for their work rather than extrinsic motivators like money or perks.
  • Developing a strong relationship with the team members, which can help you create a greater level of productivity.


The advanced strategic management course from IIM Raipur can help you build your leadership, persuasion, public speaking, or negotiation skills required for developing and inspiring a team.


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Over to You…


Now you know what you need to do; you know how an online strategic leadership and management course can help you. An accredited online course is all you need to advance into a strategic leadership role. The advanced strategic management course from IIM Raipur is considered to be one of the best leadership courses on the digital spectrum.


This online strategic leadership and management course, offered on the Talentedge platform, is designed for those striving to attain leadership positions or aspiring to learn how to become a strategic leader and manager, with techniques that will help you lead your team towards success.


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