Differential marketing and advertising are the making the market a more dynamic and competitive place today. With the digital disruption taking place and so many new avenues to advertise any product or service through, the role of the Advertising Manager has become more crucial. It has acquired high levels of business criticality because it has a big impact on how much budget the team actually receives to spend on advertisements, as well as drive company revenues. Undergoing any of the advertising certificate courses online will enable you to get a better perspective on the role.


But there are some big mistakes that can cause an advertising manager to not prosper in this area. Here are some of those which you should avoid.


Lack of knowledge – Advertising is a lot about knowing the right concepts and approaches. It involves theories and processes that need in-depth knowledge. It also requires the manager to be able to apply what he or she has learnt to their roles. Lack of knowledge especially that at the foundational level is a big reason for not being able to prosper.


Lack of right attitude – This is a difficult role because it involves a high stress and high performance expectation environment. It also requires you to manage many internal and external stakeholders. Having the right attitude to manage all these aspects is important and without that you cannot prosper in this role.


Lack of consumer insight – Consumer data and analytics is not just the domain of the market researchers. As an advertising manager you need to be able to read those insights and define your advertising strategy and approach. Lack of consumer insights and needs can lead to a big error in your overall advertising strategy and if an advertising manager makes that mistake, he or she can seriously impact their career in this space.


Lack of awareness about new trends – Every organization wants to hire someone who is ready to learn and continue his or her learning. The person should show an inclination and desire to learn new trends and apply them in the context of their role as an Advertising Manager. There are future focused concepts that are now being applied. Being able to use those is to give your firm a competitive advantage is what sets you apart. Lack of awareness or interest in this space can impact your career progression.

These are some fundamental reasons for an Advertising Manager not prospering in the industry. If he or she can overcome these they have a long career in store.


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