When was the last time you purchased something without seeing its ad first? Hard to remember? It probably has been a while. From furniture for the house to gadgets, and even groceries: you have probably been buying based on the ads you see in your newspapers, on your laptop or your mobile phone or maybe even surrogate ads in a movie.


There is a lot of information clutter and if you are part of the clutter, you are not there. So you need to be spending advertising moolah, more and more. Then, to convert this into a business you need to stand out. Thus, the difference between a good campaign and an effective campaign is just that much.


You remember the last campaign as you laughed each time you interacted with that ad but did you buy that product or service? Maybe not. That is the difference which can make all the difference. This course from MICA will be able to guide to make that out and equip you to be better than the rest.


Change the trajectory of your career with the PG Certificate Program in Advertising Management and Public Relations from MICA – India’s leading institute in Marketing & Advertising. Fill in your details and we will call you back at the earliest with more details about this course.


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