World had just experienced the latest Superbowl, which amongst other things is famous for the launch of advertisements. Where multiples of millions of dollars are spent for a few seconds of attention. It is being debated that just two of the advertisers were able to succeed in that.


Now, what about the game plan of other advertisers, what differentiates between the ones getting all the attraction and the rest? This is a pertinent question which requires a lot of skill and knowledge to be able to understand. Advertising world has evolved and thus becoming very challenging.


Multiplying the complexity is the new age media which has challenged the rules of the traditional PR and has been able to provide reach to many in the public domain. Professionals thus are required to be abreast with the latest and need to differentiate themselves from the rest more now than ever.

Advanced Certificate In Advertising Management And Public Relations

Differentiate in the Advertising with Skills & Knowledge


Advertising Management and Public Relations thus needs to be studied and skills around it acquired with the nuances of its application in the current marketing domain. Batch 13 of the PG Certificate Program in Advertising Management and Public Relations from MICA can provide following in this endeavour:


  • Intensive Advertising & PR Curriculum

Initiating from basics of marketing, detailing Advertising & PR, the curriculum also includes new media like Social


  • On-Campus module at MICA Ahmedabad

Interact with some of the brightest minds of the country at MICA during the week-long On-Campus module. This is an opportunity to get a total MICA experience.


  • Agency Client Simulation

Account planning framework and client relationship workshops with Ogilvy.


  • Opportunity to earn a PG Certificate from MICA

Add a PG Certificate Advertising Management and Public Relations from MICA, India’s leading institute for Advertising. This will help you get noticed better with employers and open you up to a plethora of job opportunities.


  • Become an esteemed alumnus of MICA

Not only is this course great for your career growth, but you also become part of the distinguished alumni circle of MICA after course completion.


  • A successful career in marketing communication and advertising management

Gain a working knowledge of the advertising business, the role of advertising and its relationship to marketing. Learn how advertising plans are developed from initial concepts to finished creatives and media plans.


What are you waiting for? Gear up for an exciting career in Advertising with PG Certificate Program in Advertising Management and Public Relations from MICA. Fill your details in and we will call you back at the earliest with more information on the course.


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