For decades, data has enabled marketers to measure and optimise their real-time campaigns to design and improve customer experience. However, the difference is that today, marketers have the power of analytics.


Collating, measuring, and analysing data has never been this easy, and it’s all due to data analytics.


How To Empower Your Digital Marketing?

In fact, it has become such a core and widespread concept that almost all digital marketing certified courses online have updated their curriculums to include data analytics. Let’s see how it helps digital marketers promote the product and services better.


1. Analytics Brings Insights to the Surface

Be it Google Analytics or any other tool; every digital marketer embraces data analytics to perform a thorough analysis of customer data through fast iteration and its in-built predictive and statistical modelling capabilities. Data analytics helps measure the success and failure of a marketing campaign and helps make recommendations for the most optimal way to gain your audience’s attention.


With all the advancements in data analytics, you have to understand the numerous ways it can be utilised. And the ideal way to that is by pursuing digital marketing certified courses. The scope of digital marketing is humongous, so you’ll be using data analytics everywhere, ranging from SEO, SMM to email and content marketing. So might as well touch base with the concept.


2. It Helps Connect the Dots Through Detailed Customer Reports

Even though there are tools to help measure the results, marketing has become a lot more complicated than it was before. With so many reports to understand, marketers can often get off track, as a result of which optimisation opportunities are missed.


This is where data analytics lends a hand. It helps connect and find relevance between the several reports generated from various platforms, allowing marketers to remain on the same page while evaluating their marketing campaigns.


This may seem overboard and complicated. However, with credible digital marketing certified courses, you can gain comprehensive knowledge of the practical application of data analytics and how to derive meaningful insights from it. XLRI is offering one such credible online course. Boasting an extensive curriculum and up-to-date content curated and delivered by the eminent faculty of XLRI, the digital marketing course XLRI helps understand every little intricacy of the concept.


3. It Helps Turn Leads to Sales

Data analytics helps marketers understand the buying behaviour and identify existing customers’ patterns so that this information can be used to reach the right target audience at the right time.


What’s more, you can also leverage targeted advertising to understand your customer requirements and help personalise their needs through data analytics. In retrospect, you can target people who are actually looking for a similar product/service by leveraging data analytics.


The digital marketing certified courses can help you understand how digital media analytics can impact your firm’s tactical marketing activities and drive performance. Furthermore, these courses can help you get to the depth of what works with your customers and what doesn’t and how to turn leads into sales using analytics.


4. It Helps Identify Customer Buying Pattern

Today, several retail and eCommerce stores are leveraging data analytics to track their customers’ buying preferences. With these insights, they intend to provide recommendations to their customers about relevant products they may like.


Data analytics tools are continuously gathering, understanding, and analysing data to help you market better. The efficiency, ROI, and sales predictions become a lot easier if you know how to leverage data analytics.


This is where the digital marketing course XLRI comes into play. It helps you understand the digital marketing tools for managing digital campaigns, along with practical hands-on experience in data analytics using data labs.


5. It Helps Improve the Customer Journey

Data analytics allows you to run A/B testing for different content and creatives so that you can be sure which facets are crucial for your marketing campaign. Countless variables can be tested along with past performance data to monitor that their effect on overall performance. Furthermore, data analytics gives you ways for moving forward and enhancing your campaign, making sure you market the best, most engaging content to your users.


Striving to improve the customer journey? A credible online digital marketing course is all you need. A graduation or diploma degree is all the qualification you need to enrol for a digital marketing course. However, some extensive and accredited courses like the digital marketing course XLRI require a few more criteria, such as proficiency in spoken and written English and some work experience in the domain. But either way, digital marketing certified courses are the ideal option to gain this knowledge.


6. It Allows Autonomous Analytics, Forecasts & Optimisation

Business growth and sales are the ultimate goals no matter what you’re analysing and for whom. Ranging from data integration to analytical decisions, data analytics is the key to customer satisfaction, which in turn, is the primary reason behind the growth of the organisation.


So whether it is directly or indirectly, data analytics helps forecast and optimise future marketing campaigns based on competitor analysis and past campaigns. Also, you can set KPIs and other goals against which you want the historical or competitor data to be compared to track growth.


If you strive to gain in-depth knowledge about how data analytics work and its practical application, consider enrolling for credible digital marketing certified courses.


Bottom Line

The benefits of building a career in digital marketing are innumerable. But one thing to note is that everyone, every company, and every sector is leveraging data. Either learn how to leverage it, or you’ll be left behind.


The ideal, most cost-effective way is through a digital marketing online course. One such online course professionals are relying on for expert guidance in data analytics is the digital marketing course XLRI. Offered in collaboration with Talentedge, this course from XLRI can help you learn digital marketing analytics using data labs. And not just that, it provides exposure to the latest themes and trends of the domain, so you are ready to apply these analytics to practical scenarios.



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