Management and leadership and their confluence is a highly debated topic in management circles. Management deals with the process of controlling employees so that the work of the organization is done on time and in a correct manner. Leadership on the other hand is about inspiring the employees to not only work but look beyond their key performance areas and go the extra mile for the organization. As organizations find leadership to be a must skill in their managers, they put effort in training their managers by sponsoring them for leadership courses which are conducted by business schools all over India.


While leadership is considered to be a vital skill in managers, it is not necessary that all managers are natural leaders. However, they can learn to be one. A manager’s task is to ensure that his team works on time and completes assignments as per the schedule and requirement of the job. He delegates work related responsibilities to his team members and ensures that they fulfill them. He also makes sure that the team members follow the rules and regulations of the organization.


A leader is much more than a manager. A leader has to inspire his team. He will motivate them and have them believe in themselves. As a leader, he will set standards of ethical behaviour at work. He will promote a culture of honesty and integrity. He treats himself as a support for his team and does not believe in a dictatorial style of working. One of the key features of a leader is his excellent communication skills. A leader needs to get heard as well as listen carefully. He should speak in a way that connects with anyone at any level within the organization.


Good leadership skills make a manager more proficient to set clear goals for his team, give them challenging yet achievable targets and inspire them in various spheres of work. They are leaders and not just micro-managers. They give employees the space and the freedom to be more creative and productive at work. They monitor performance but do not stifle the growth of the employees.


Management and leadership are two different aspects. However, a combination both of these styles leads to a work place with a vision and a well-defined strategy. A manager who has good leadership skills is a great asset to his organization and his team.


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