It’s a tough world. Increasing competition, continuously upskilling for technology, inefficient funding, change management, and more. There are many reasons that can make you jobless one fine morning.

None of us wants to get fired. Period! But are you taking the right steps to avoid being fired? Here are a few pointers on those lines. Try to practice them so that you can negate the chances of being fired from your job.


 Add value to the organisation

Has your company started showing signs of firing you? Show them you’re capable of taking better initiatives. Say, for example, you find the problem areas in the current workflow. Suggest a convincing solution to the problem.

Bring out the leadership traits in you. Let the organisation be impressed with the change in you! Let them know that you’re ready to take more responsibilities.


Improve your performance

To make your career resilient, you need to focus on your performance. Especially if you feel that your performance has either diminished or is going unnoticed. It’s high time that you should be proactive and focus on showcasing better performance.

No company will fire you if you’re good at your work. So, be calm and make sure you put in the effort to create an impressive feedback.


Grow your network

If you are better liked inside the organisation, the chance of being fired stands low. Make strong contacts in your domain. Focus on growing your network, both inside and outside of the company. For example, enrolling into a leadership management course or other certification courses will help you connect to peers.

When companies think of firing people, they rarely consider people who have good connections in the industry.


Don’t stay away from tough tasks

Organisations require people who would stay with them and find solutions to difficult tasks. So you can connect with industry veterans and try finding newer solutions to the problems of the company’s assignments. This will help you gain appreciation within the organisation.

Never grumble about the situation when the company is going through tough times. You’ll be less preferred by the management then.


Embrace uncertainty  

Dealing with uncertainty is a much-needed trait in the current work scenario. But never aim to run away from the ambiguities. Neither gets frustrated with it.

Domain knowledge and network connections will help you in such situations. Using the tools, make sure you complete the tasks and find solutions to the problems without much support from your top management.

So, the takeaway is ‘become a smart player to avoid getting fired.’ Good Luck!

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