Becoming a leader in your organization is not the end of the career path nor is it the final step in a successful career. Individuals who view this as the best they can achieve in life are limiting their thought process. Those who are constantly looking for ways to better themselves as leaders are the ones who finally evolve, and continue to remain relevant. Leadership courses share how people continue to focus on their self-development so that they can make sure that they are able to match the pace of our changing times.


What can you do to actually improve yourself as a leader?

  1. Focus on the neglected skill of listening – Active listening is an art. Most leaders focus on how to speak and communicate. Yet more focus on how to write great messages or emails. If you want to become a better leader, you must learn to listen. And that too – actively. It is a much-neglected skill and many leaders forget about in as they climb higher onto the corporate ladder. To improve this in yourself.
  2. Focus on empathy – When you say “I understand” to another person who is sharing their concerns or challenge, make the effort to actually try and step into their situation mentally. Empathy is far more powerful than sympathy. So learn to focus on that. It will help you address the concerns of your team members in a more sensitive and better way, just enhancing your leadership skills.
  3. Learn to overlook small concerns in favour of the big picture – Sometimes we get pulled into the small issues. A leader’s job is to look beyond them and see what the bigger, long term picture is. So every time you see yourself being pulled into something that is tactical and short-term, remember to pull back and divert your energy in the right direction.
  4. Accept your mistakes and shortcomings – Leaders are not perfect. They make mistakes and they have shortcomings. Both of these things are common and they are natural. Accept them and move on. When something is a result of your mistake or shortcoming, realize and rectify it. Make sure that it does not become a reason for you to cover-up because you are in a leadership role. Your employees will connect with you, even more, when they realize that you are just like them.


These are some things that you can focus on to become a better leader than you are currently. It is a continuous process of learning and growing, professionally and personally.

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