When you make the choice to become a Human Resource Manager, the next step should be to plan and prepare for it. Aspiring to become one is a great start. That should also involve getting a better idea of what the role entails, the growth prospects it offers and how you need to continue learning. You need to hone and develop all three elements that are crucial for the role – Knowledge, Skills and Attributes. There are some courses which offer only one or two of these aspects. But some great human resource management courses do give you more comprehensive learning by incorporating all three aspects.

  • Knowledge – You need to be functionally proficient in all disciplines of Human Resources. Your knowledge of the various people processes and also the new or emerging trends are crucial to the entire employee lifecycle within the organization. It will ensure that the right hiring process is followed to identify and source talent, then the correct performance management process to ensure talent engagement and most importantly the best possible talent management approach, to ensure retention. The Human Resource management courses will give you in-depth insights on each of the disciplines. A good course will also incorporate future trends like HR and Technology, HR Analytics, Diversity & Inclusion.
  • Skills – The skills you need will range from being emotionally awareness, having the ability to connect with people, decisiveness, business acumen, high levels of accountability, stakeholder management and so on. These are skills that every HR practitioner must-have. Apart from these, there are additional skills that might need to be developed in the context of the organization that the person works in. Some courses do offer insights into how to discover and then hone these skills in a more practical manner.
  • Attributes – There are some behavioural traits that we need to possess to become good Human Resource Managers. These could be the ability to listen well, communicate effectively, be empathetic, problem-solving instincts, strong leadership, ability to be unbiased and objective, effective time management are just a few. Specific attributes might be applicable to the organization that the HR practitioner is a part of. Those will get defined based on the phase of growth, sector, size of the organization, the number of employees, location and so on.

When these 3 aspects are combined in a well-balanced way, we have an effective Human Resource Manager. He/She is able to grow into that role mainly because of the ability to keep an open mind and also to focus on continual learning as a practice.


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