Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others. – Jack Welch, Former CEO, General Electronics


One of the most legendary business leaders of our times, Jack Welch firmly believes that leadership is a tough and daily balancing act. Well, we don’t disagree at all! It’s not easy to be in the shoes of a leader, given the responsibility and accountability the position brings with it.


If you aspire to become a successful leader, you have to develop certain traits and habits. Or else, you would be just one of the several leaders in the crowd. Here is your go-to list to establish yourself as a successful leader.


Be Committed

The followers look up to you for everything they do. When they watch you highly committed to your goals, they get inspired. They will work towards your vision and goals with equal zeal.


Be Communicative

What sets the current Prime Minister Narendra Modi from his former peer Manmohan Singh? Mr Modi has excellent communication skills. His oratory skills are so powerful that people want to hear every word of what he says. Whereas, Mr Singh read out his speeches rather than speaking them out with confidence. At the same time, a successful leader should have not only strong verbal skills but also an ability to listen and respond effectively.


Be an Example-Setter

If you want your people to do something, you have to show them how to do. Essentially, you have to lead by example. For example, if you want everyone to report to work at 9 am sharp, you have to do so too.


Be Honest

A successful leader never hides anything, not even his or her mistakes or failures. You should have the courage to tell people the truth, no matter how harsh it is. If you have made a mistake, do not hesitate to own up to it. People appreciate honesty in leaders; it makes you more human.


Be a Voracious Learner

A successful leader never stops learning. You should have an insatiable appetite for knowledge. Read as many books as you can, move in the circles of wise people or even take up courses such as leadership development certificate program. The more you learn, the more wisdom you gain.


Be a Mentor

A successful leader needs more people like him to shoulder his or her responsibilities. Instead of seeing your followers as your competition, nurture them to become the leaders of the future. Mentor them at every step.


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