James MacGregor Burns, an American historian, political scientist and authority on leadership studies, familiarised the world with the concept of transformational leadership. It is a type of leadership where leaders inspire people to change their perceptions and expectations in order to motivate them to work hard towards a common goal.

According to Bernard Bass, an American scholar in the fields of leadership studies and organizational behaviour, the process of transformational leadership garners higher levels of respect, trust, and admiration. Let’s look at the benefits and impact of transformational leadership in today’s world.


  • Lowers Turnover Costs

If leaders tend to retain employees, they are able to retain more customers as well. Transformational leaders seek to satisfy the needs of the organization as they work to satisfy their personal needs simultaneously. That means everyone is assigned a specific role in the organization which keeps them engaged.


  • Create and Manage Change

For organizations to be successful, they must be willing to change and improve over time. When any new opportunity presents itself, a transformational leader helps bring on-board every resource at the disposal of the organization and fully utilize their potential to help the organization reach its goal.


  • Quickly Formulate New Corporate Visions

Transformational leaders are excellent at incorporating a new vision into their current situation. They identify the gaps and problems in the process of a new vision that allows them to make necessary adjustments to the current situation beforehand.


  • Creates Enthusiasm in the Organization

When employees see their leaders being successful in their respective pursuit of a new vision, they also try to walk the same path to experience that success as well. Leaders are able to create enthusiasm within employee ranks that leads to higher levels of productivity, and higher levels of team morale.


  • Encourages Ongoing Learning and Development

A transformational leader does more than just to work toward the final goal of the company, they work toward achieving higher levels of efficiency for their employees. They are able to do so by stimulating the intellect of their employees and building a positive culture around them in order to receive a higher level of engagement and performance from their team.


  • Quickly Changes Low-Morale Situations

Whenever a company is struggling for a long time, transformational leaders boost morale and try to change the environment of the organization to inspire others to find success. A transformational leader is capable of breaking the team out of their routine if a state of indifference presents itself in the workplace.


  • Focuses Heavily on Ethics

Transformational leaders tend to focus on completing the task by always being focused on doing the right thing the right way. They are ethically-driven and it is almost impossible to fake keeping a tight focus on values and having an authentic perspective.


How to attain a leadership style that is success-driven?

Take help from online transformational leadership courses. These courses help you become a successful transformational leader. A transformational leadership certification helps you acquire the charisma that this leadership style demands. Look for a credible transformational leadership certification that is recognizable by the employers and helps you to bring a clear advantage for any business and more importantly, yourself.

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