Project Management certification is recognised all over the world and is offered by many esteemed institutions one of which is XLRI – Xavier School of Management. Project Management course from XLRI not only glorifies your resume but also helps you in the advancement of your skills. XLRI is one of the finest institutions that offers a lot more than just an educational platform. It is also known for its incredible rate of placements per year.


Benefits of Project Management Certification


  • Boosts value to the resume

One of the most crucial benefits of studying Project Management course from XLRI is that the institution provides the most valuable certificate programme. Interviewers looking to recruit a professional with the Project Management certification for the position of a project manager understand this quite well. Therefore, they are likely to prioritise profiles with Project Management certification over those who do not have any such certification.


  • Contributes to Industry recognition

Project Management certification is recognised globally. A lot of certification programmes concentrate only on a particular geography or domain. Project Management Certification, on the other hand, is universal and operates in every type of industry and in any location. With the assistance of Project Management course from XLRI, a candidate can achieve more success in any industry by adding the certification in his/her resume.


  • Helps in acquiring essential skills

Project Management course from XLRI helps a professional compete against so many other project managers and stand out from the crowd by assisting the students in learning and understanding essential skills to excel in their career. Project Management certification has high standards. It requires the candidates to master practical applications of the matter which are very crucial in the real business world.


  • Add to higher income

The most considerable draw of Project Management certification or Project Management course from XLRI is the larger amount of salary it can bring to the professionals in the field of project management. The average salary of a professional with Project Management certification is considerably higher. A survey informed that the average salary of a certified project manager is $1,08,000 whereas the average salary of a non-certified project manager is only $91,000.


Bottom Line

Project managers with Project Management certification gain some other benefits such as networking sessions. During these get-togethers, an individual can understand about other new job opportunities that are shared by people who consider the certification and preferably consider candidates who have studied Project Management course from XLRI.


Some people may find the Project Management certification expensive, complex and time-consuming. But, many recruiting experts evaluate Project Management certification as a critical credential that enhances the credibility of your resume. Also, it assists professionals in building crucial skills that are required in order to succeed in their career. It is your choice now, to choose what’s best for your career such as Project Management course from XLRI.



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