When we say the word entrepreneurship, all our minds first go to the idea of starting and running a business, and most of us would define entrepreneurship only with this narrow definition. But entrepreneurship is not such a narrow concept by any means. It is true that starting and running a business is an important way in which entrepreneurship is practically applied, but entrepreneurship is about creative problem-solving, turning ideas into action, efficiently using limited resources to maximize value and so on. Entrepreneurship is a concept that can be widely applied in our everyday lives and this is why experts suggest that it must feature in the school curriculum as early as kindergarten (in an age-appropriate manner). Of late, entrepreneurial knowledge and skills are being applied in managing organizations and businesses to improve their effectiveness, efficiency and profitability. This is known as entrepreneurship management. An example of entrepreneurship management: marketers using entrepreneurship management to effectively reach a target audience within a limited (even shoestring) budget or how to create value for the customers within such tight budgets.


It is often argued that entrepreneurship is something that need not be learnt and that it comes organically through experience or that it is a natural talent. But this is not true for everybody. Even for those with experience, a theoretical base will augment their practical skills. So, it is extremely important for people to have formal training through an entrepreneurship management course. This will enable them to be resourceful and enterprising employees and managers who can deliver the best results within tight budgets and in the face of severe external and internal challenges, creatively solve problems and turn ideas into profitable, viable and sustainable reality.


Entrepreneurship management courses are available in several forms and modes in India and across the globe from top-notch universities and educational institutions. Considering how important the choice of course is, we discuss the best entrepreneurship management course in India and what to except below.


Executive Professional Development Program in Entrepreneurship from IIM Rohtak

This is a 4-month entrepreneurship management course that is offered through the online mode by IIM Rohtak. IIM Rohtak is one of the elite B-schools in the country that provides a unique cross-functional perspective to its students while striving to mould them into global leaders who are both ethical and innovative. This entrepreneurship management course provides a comprehensive understanding of all facets of entrepreneurship starting from ideating and pitching to business planning and business model development to strategy, market, environment and sustainability, talent acquisition and so on. Through the sessions with seasoned entrepreneurs, industry experts and the investor community, the learners will gain valuable insights into the entrepreneurial journey and the business world. The hands-on pedagogy and the use of AI and ML help elevate the level of learning.


Take up this entrepreneurship management course from IIM Rohtak and become an invaluable resource to your organization.


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