The convenience, flexibility and cost-effectiveness of online courses have made it a popular source of education in India. More and more professionals are enrolling in online certification programs advance their careers. In fact, top business school, IIM is also offering online certification courses on various specializations. These online career programs are designed for professionals to improve their skills and pave the way for better future prospects.

Following are some of the popular IIM online courses offered through the edtech platform – Talentedge – that professionals can enrol in to take their career to the next level.


iim courses online
IIM courses online


  1. Executive Professional Development Program In Entrepreneurship

This IIM course has been designed to identify, nurture, and support aspiring entrepreneurs. The course imparts the fundamentals of how to start one’s own business and facets that influence its successful set and operations. The course also offers live mentoring sessions where participants get to interact with industry experts share their business ideas and get useful insights.


  1. Advanced Program In Leadership For Business Excellence

With continuously changing priorities of employees, the nature and style of leadership need to adapt in order to ensure there is equal focus on revenue as well as employee satisfaction. Advanced program in leadership for business excellence from IIM conceptualized to enhance the skills of leaders and managers and help them contribute to the survival and growth of the organization.


  1. Professional Certificate Program In Strategic Management

An organization’s ability to achieve growth and success majorly depends on the ability of its senior management to formulate effective strategies and productively execute them. The objective of the strategic management course is to help the participants develop their competence in the Strategic Management process which consists of strategic thinking, strategic planning, strategy execution and strategy applications.


  1. Professional Certificate Program In Applied Financial Risk Management

Business domain is extremely precarious and in order to sustain in the market, it must know how to efficiently tackle the uncertainties. And with businesses evolving every passing year, the prominence of effective risk management has increased manifolds. This financial risk management course deepens the understanding of modern risk management concepts, theories, practices and trends while introducing various risk management concepts, tools, and techniques, through an integrated approach.


  1. Executive Program In Marketing Analytics

While businesses have access to an extensive amount of data, they are looking out for professionals who can compile and analyze the data for profit generation. This vast data in different formats and sources need specialised techniques and skills to make sense of it & provide insights for decision making. Professional Certificate Program in Business Analytics has been designed for professionals in the analytics domain to enhance their skills and learn advanced techniques in order to build their careers in the business analytics domain. The course covers contemporary topics including machine learning and predictive analysis and their application in decision making.


Enrolling in certification is one of the best ways to expand one’s knowledge base of his/her domain and take the next step towards career growth. And online certification allows professionals to learn without having to take a break from their professional lives. Presently, IIMs across the nation are offering online certification courses, allowing professionals to reinforce their academic credentials in the most convenient manner.


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