Social media has consolidated its power and has come to occupy an important place is in our lives. People of all ages and all walks of life are using it. Owing to its reach and penetration, social media marketing has become an important component of the overall digital marketing and marketing efforts of most organizations who want to become industry leaders. Social media marketing efforts aid in brand building, customer engagement, lead generation, directing website traffic and reaching a much wider audience. It has become a necessity now to have a social media presence and brands are steadily adopting it. Digital media marketing courses are a great way for marketing professionals and entrepreneurs to learn how to plan and incorporate social media marketing into the overall marketing efforts of the organization.


While digital media courses provide knowledge and skills for social media engagement planning and marketing, it is still an overwhelming process. Smart marketers are always looking for ways to save time and resources, and tools to support them in the process to get high ROI. Social media planning/ scheduling programs are tools used by smart marketers to do just this. Below are some of the best social media planners available.


HootSuite enables users to manage multiple accounts (even hundreds of accounts of marketing agencies) with ease. Adding accounting managers, scheduling content and posts for multiple accounts and lead generation through social contests are simple and hassle-free.


Sprout Social offers various solutions for social media management and is an all-round platform with a user-friendly interface. It offers tools ranging from content scheduling, content calendars, posting across platforms, social media analytics, report generation for analysis, social media automation tools, collaboration among team members, etc.


Buffer is one of the best social media management platforms especially for individual bloggers, beginners and novice entrepreneurs. It enables content scheduling and posting across several social media channels with the option to customize posts, content and visuals as per needs of different channels. It also identifies the perfect moments for your content to be posted to get the best traction.


TweetDeck is a cost-effective and simple solution for all the needs of brands whose social media marketing mainstay is Twitter with tools to plan, schedule, create and manage tweets, and other Twitter-related solutions.


Post Planner is a scientific tool that helps brands to create better customer engagement and wider reach. This platform helps brands to identify the right content, create engaging posts, scheduling posts, collaborate with team members, etc. It also suggests viral topics, content, GIFs, photos, etc.


Feedly is an automated platform that curates content for brands based on their needs. It saves a lot of time and effort that goes into the groundwork phase of content creation and scheduling.


These are the top 6 social media planning platforms that experts suggest and use. You should choose the social media planning program that best suits your organization’s size, needs and social media budget.


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