Career stagnation is often a problem faced by professionals who have worked in their respective fields for a few years. In such a case, taking up a course in their own field, a specialization or a new field that they aspire to enter is the best way forward. Such a course will enable them to gain a deeper understanding of the field, enhance or upgrade their skills, learn about the latest tools, techniques and methods and so on. This will make them an invaluable resource to any organization that they are part of.

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Online courses for working professionals are a boon for those who wish to do all of the above while still being employed in their full-time jobs. The best of such courses for working professionals provide live and interactive lectures through virtual classrooms that are scheduled over the weekends so as to infuse flexibility and convenience for the participants. The best weekend courses for working professionals adopt a hands-on pedagogy in the form of visual learning aids, simulation exercises, case studies, immersive on-campus modules, end-term projects, gamification, etc. (most courses use all or a selection of these methods). We have listed below the best weekend courses for working professionals from top-notch institutes.


    1. Executive Development Program in Strategies for International Business from IIFT: This 5-month program trains participants to effectively formulate business strategies and manage businesses in the dynamic, challenging and globalizing business environment and economy.
    2. Advanced Program in Leadership for Business Excellence from IIM Lucknow: This 6-month course enables professionals with over 8 years’ experience to lead their organizations to success and growth in the dynamic and globalizing business world.
    3. PG Certificate Program in Business Management from MICA: This 1-year program arms participants with an integrated theoretical foundation, practical skills, latest tools and techniques to operate in the complex, globalizing business world.
    4. Executive Development Program in Strategic Performance Management from XLRI: This 4-month multi-functional course empowers participants to formulate strategies and effectively overcome human resource-related challenges and thereby, build high-performance teams that drive organizational growth.

Strategic Management Course from XLRI


    1. Executive Development Program in Talent Management from XLRI: This 4-month course trains participants to effectively tackle problems relating to talent management, employee engagement, employee relations and managing performance.

Talent Management from XLRI


    1. Executive Development Program in Data Science using Excel, R & Python from XLRI: This 5-month course trains participants to work with large data sets using the different data science tools to extract valuable business insights which will, in turn, help boost the profitability and functioning of the organization.

XLRI Data Science Using Python, R & Excel


    1. Executive Development Program in Business Analytics and Big Data from IIM Kashipur: This 5-month program enables participants to engage in improved business decision-making by training them to leverage the latest analytics tools and technology, statistical methods and best practices in the big data and business analytics ecosystem.
    2. Executive Development Program in Financial Analytics from XLRI: This 4-month program equips participants to effectively engage in predictive analytics and improved decision-making using the voluminous financial data available.

Financial Analytics Course from XLRI


    1. PG Certificate Program in Digital Marketing from MICA: This 4.5-month course enables participants to leverage various digital marketing channels, platforms and tools to boost conversions, sales and ROI.

Mica Digital_Marketing Social Media Strategy


  1. Executive Certificate Program In Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning from SPJIMR: This 5-month executive course enables participants to understand concepts, algorithms and application which aspire to explore how structured knowledge in this area can contribute productively to business objectives. 


Enrol yourself in one of these best online weekend courses for working professionals and forge ahead in your career.


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