Every individual has a different opinion about the word ‘college’. The moment someone mentions the word, people start imagining students hanging out in their dorm rooms or coming together for classes in gigantic lecture halls. Nowadays, distance learning and online courses have unwaveringly grown in popularity among students studying in college, but the question remains – Is it a good choice for the students? Both online education and its traditional doppelganger have pros and cons, which is why it is essential for students to learn what to contemplate before they step into the classroom. So, let’s help you decide which one is the right fit for you by making a side-by-side comparison of three basic areas that will make an impact on the experience of a student.


Comparing Online Education And Traditional Education


(I) On The Basis Of Flexibility


One of the key ingredients to acknowledge while weighing the options is the time-period you have every day to allot to schoolwork.


Online Education: An advantage of going for online courses is that they provide flexibility to students. It is a wonderful option for those who have prior time commitments with work and family. The classes students take to study online courses can be moulded with your schedule, granting you the flexibility to log into the session at a time that sets in your schedule.


Traditional Education: Students have flexibility in their schooling as there are schools that provide night classes or classes where the lecture takes place only once in a week. But all that aside, it becomes hectic if travelling to campus is time-consuming, especially if you plan to work in a part-time arrangement while studying in college.


(II) On The Basis Of Discipline and Self-Motivation


Another key point to examine while weighing your options for college is your level of self-discipline.


Online Education: In order to opt for online courses, you must be significantly self-motivated. Some students might find it difficult to cope up with keeping themselves motivated. On the other hand, there are some students who plan the strategies to stay abreast on their coursework. Activities such as setting a separate time every week for studying and creating an environment with minimal distractions can help enormously.


Traditional Education: It surely provides the benefit as far as motivation and discipline are concerned. The designed schedule of attending 6 to 8 classes every day and the custom of direct interactions with teachers can assist students on task. Students who travel to the campus have more favourable circumstances to remember their forthcoming assignments that can be helpful if you delay time-taking assignments.


 (III) On The Basis Of Social Interaction-


The concluding aspect to consider between either of these two is the level of social interaction students expect to have as they earn their degree.


Online Education: Social interaction is not that frequent in online courses, still they take place on a regular basis. Some online platforms provide students with live video sessions with actual tutors. If you are a student who tends to ask questions, these live sessions can be of great help in better understanding of the given reading materials.


Traditional Education: It is considered a better option for students who prefer face-to-face interaction with instructors as well as with their fellow students. Interacting with teachers frequently can be motivating for some. The traditional setting also provides more opportunities to ask questions and clear the doubts, if any, on the spot.


Summing Up!


There is no right or wrong preference in case of online versus traditional education. In the end, it is you, as a student who has to opt according to your personal preferences. You can also go for executive courses if you want to accomplish professionalism with the help of your knowledge. It is essential to do some self-evaluation before diving into any course, be it in online education or traditional education. You have to analyse what suits you best.



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