Wondering what the best method is for mobile digital marketing online? Try SMS. It is the best messaging method with the most reach. With three billion people worldwide using six million devices, SMS is the most used tool on mobile devices.

Did you know that 90% of texts are read within three minutes of the beep when they receive the message? Now, that’s the most desired response rate when compared to E-mails, which are read-only 20% of the time.

What’s more? SMS is not just one of the most responsive mediums, but the majority of the customers are more comfortable with SMS. It’s short, sweet and in a fast world, the SMS gets the message delivered and engages your customers effectively.


SMS is the Go-to Medium

Mobile messaging is the future. It acts as the primary channel for governments to update their citizens, retailers to engage shoppers and banks to share information with its customers. From credit card activity to local weather warnings, consumers are already engaged and use it effectively. So, it makes sense for companies to interact effectively with customers and utilize the power of SMS.

Consumers like to hear from brands frequently as long as they have something valuable to offer customers. If your message is timely and relevant, then customers are bound to respond.


Deeper Engagement – Stronger Relationships

Consumers have clearly made the shift to mobile and of course, SMS is the star of that shift. Rapidly overtaking phone calls, SMS is the preferred method of communication. So, it’s time you also make the shift to include mobile messaging as part of your marketing and brand management strategy.

SMS is the darling mobile engagement tool to build effective relationships with your customer. Leverage on the opportunity to strike a farther reach with your customers, like never before.


Messaging Apps on the Rise

Mobile messaging is not just restricted to SMS. The mobile platform and SMS has given birth to a whole new host of messaging apps like Whatsapp, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger and more. Regardless of age or other demographics, messaging technology is accepted and adopted by all.

You can also use these mobile messaging apps to reach your audience and engage them. The second way to reach your customers with mobile messaging is through in-house chat. This is where you can incorporate your own messaging capabilities with your mobile app or site. Customers like the idea of keeping in touch with the business 24/7, whenever they want and the in-house chat will act as their companion.

Overall, SMS and mobile messaging boasts of higher retention and engagement of customers. So it only deems fit for companies to act smart and adopt mobile messaging.


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