A brand is the customer’s overall perception of a business and is more than just a logo or name. Building a great brand helps businesses in creating brand awareness and improving loyalty. Best digital marketing certificate programs are great ways to understand how you can build brands effectively in the digital age.


Businesses generally build brands through advertising on TV, radio, hoardings, billboards, digital spaces and so on. These impressions give brands visibility and may generate leads but do not guarantee conversion. These generic ads also become dated. In today’s digital world, it could lead to a negative brand image with spoofing on social media networks. Experts say brand engagement is a better strategy for great brand building.


Brand engagement is simply users engaging with the brand, their experiences and touchpoints with the business. Even the biggest digital brands in the world rely on brand engagement because user engagement with the brand creates better awareness, trust and comfort in the minds of the consumers, bringing them closer to the brand and be better informed about the product. This, in turn, will improve sales and revenue. You must try to create coherent customer experiences and a deeper connection with the emotional/ human side of customers.


Strategies for Driving Brand Engagement in Brand Building

Low barrier to experiencing product: Done through free trial or free products/ service, this will allow people to know first-hand what it is to use your product or service and see how amazing it is before putting in their hard-earned money to it, to trust your brand and product. This is being widely followed by big brands in the digital space including Google, Netflix, MailChimp, LinkedIn, Amazon, etc. wherein they leverage the trust and attention from customers to sell premium products. This way customers get to build a deeper connection with the brand, much more than any ad can offer.


Customer centricity: Brands that keep customer at the center of their activities are much more successful.

  • Advertising and marketing should inspire customers and provide better brand awareness. Showcasing customer reviews and stories on how valuable it is, instead of the product itself, will bring more customers on board.
  • If brands are quick and responsive in answering queries and redressing grievances, they will be able to create a lasting impression on customers’ minds.
  • Rewarding brand loyalty through coupons, freebies, etc.

Brand mascots: Brands are no longer faceless entities or organizations, they are and have to engage with and get closer to customers. Creating and using a believable, original, relatable and representative character that embodies your brand is a good way to extend engagement beyond the original ad campaign. The mascot can serve as the voice of the brand, and all content and communication can be through this voice.


To know more about brand engagement strategy and branding itself, you should enroll yourself in the best marketing certificate programs that are available online now.

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