The growing number of start-ups and small-scale business has caused communication chaos. We have many businesses offering the same product, in a different package.

Sounds like a no-big-deal, doesn’t it? Not when you are losing business just because your customer cannot differentiate you amidst the noise of similar offerings.

That could hurt, and bad. When your customer identifies you as just-another-seller, it is bad news for business. The only way to help sustain your company/product, in the long run, is to create a distinct brand for your product, apart from giving unparalleled service that sets you apart from the crowd.


Building a brand is not just about having the best product; it’s also about how you make the customer feel. When you’re not the only one vying for your prospect’s attention, it pays to have a 360-degree view of your competition, understanding different types of markets and buyer behaviour. This understanding further helps you build a better relationship with your consumer.


If you are looking to make brand building your mojo, then PG Certificate Program in Marketing & Brand Management from MICA is where your search ends. Designed with an aim to provide students with a 360-degree view of various practical and applicable aspects of marketing and brand management, this course is your go-to for mastering everything there is to know about Marketing & Brand Management.

Here’s how you benefit by signing up for this course:


  • Get a PG Certificate from MICA

On successful completion of the course, get a PG Certificate in Marketing and Brand Management from MICA


  • Case Studies and Examples from Industry

Gain practical knowledge with real case studies and current examples from the industry


  • MICA Alumni status

Become part of the esteemed MICA alumni community and grow in your network


  • Learn from the best at MICA

Lectures imparted by experienced and eminent professors from MICA


The course also includes a sound understanding of Marketing & Brand Management fundamentals to help professionals appreciate concepts of segmentation, targeting, positioning differentiating, pricing and branding strategies. You can also learn about integrated communication and new media which are extremely relevant in the growing e-world.


Sign up for the most advanced brand strategy and communication course in India today. Enrol now or fill in your details and we will get back to you with more information on this course.

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