What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a career in Advertising & Public Relations? Stylish work places, with a bunch of hip, young people huddled up for a creative brainstorming session? Or fancy business lunches and press conferences – all suited up?


Well, it is all that; and more. Advertising is a very lucrative domain for professionals who like a fast-paced and exciting career. Everywhere you go, you are interacting with advertisements or PR initiatives – whether it is something you come across on your commute, or what you see before you make a purchase decision, or discuss public figures in your conversations with friends. A career in Advertising and PR is an opportunity to build brands while also developing and enhancing public interest in them.


Here are some numbers that will convince you about this thriving domain. India is one of the fastest growing advertising markets in Asia. Between 2015 and 2018, the ad market has been forecast to increase by 2.84 billion U.S. dollars, making it the fifth largest ad expenditure growth in the world during this time period. (Source: Statista). A report by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and KPMG predicts India’s digital advertisement market to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 33.5%, crossing the Rs 25,500 Crore mark by 2020. That’s a lot of potential growth for the advertising domain in the country.


Consumers today are increasingly becoming more demanding because they are lots of brands they can choose from. Clutter, chaos and time poverty have significantly made it tough for businesses to make a distinct impression. Integrated Marketing Communication is the strategic weapon with which brands are fighting competition to gain ‘top-of-the-mind-recall’ with the customers. While the advent of digital has helped brands reach larger audiences easily, it has also increased the risk of backfiring, if the communication strategy is not right. The need for hitting the sweet spot of consumer perception with the right kind of communication has started the hunt for skilled professionals in Advertising Communication and PR.


Professionals who are extremely organized, energetic and have exceptional communication skills are best suited to work in the Ad & PR sector. But one can also prepare for a career in this exciting domain by building relevant skills in research, planning, and strategy. To equip professionals with the latest concepts and techniques of advertising, MICA offers an online Post Graduate Certificate Program in Advertising Management and Public Relations.


There are not many institutes in India that offer a comprehensive course in advertising management. MICA is one of the top ranked business schools in India, known best for its courses in marketing, brand management, media and communication.


The PG Certificate Program in Advertising Management and Public Relations will help you gain working knowledge of the advertising business, the role of advertising, its relationship with marketing and how advertising plans are developed. It will also include comprehensive segments to help master PR, Reputation Management, Crisis Communication and Stakeholder Relations.


The one year online course also includes a week long On-Campus module where participants of the course can interact with MICA faculty at MICA campus in Ahmedabad. On successful completion of the course, not only are participants awarded a certificate of completion by MICA, but they also earn the status of being part of the esteemed MICA Alumni.


A specialised education has often helped professionals with early success in their career, even more so when it is from a reputed institute. Sign up for this PG course on Advertising and Public Relations from MICA and embark on an exciting career. Fill in your details and we will call you back at the earliest with more details about this course.

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