• Do you like interacting with people?
  • Do you like taking interviews and conducting fun activities at work?
  • Do you have an eye for detail but are also keen to understand the bigger picture?
  • Do you like working directly with senior management?


If so, a career in human resource management is the ideal choice.

HR is the backbone of every organisation, without which a company cannot survive. An HR professional acts as a bridge between the organisation and the employees. Furthermore, due to its increasing importance, the domain has a lot of exciting opportunities to offer and a range of career options. There are several pathways to build a career in HR. However, this guide explained the best possible pathway to a thriving career in HR.


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Pathways to a Career in HR


1. Pursue a Formal HR Education

Pursuing a formal education is becoming increasingly important in today’s competitive business world. It displays the knowledge and skills you possess in a more refined way than an in-formal education. You can start by getting a graduation degree in a business-related course, just to prepare yourself for what’s ahead.

Once you graduate, three simple steps can lead you to a managerial position in HR:-


2. Gain Some Entry-level Experience or Internships

As businesses expand and go global, the demand for HR professionals will increase dramatically. Employment projections may vary from country to country. However, HR is not a field that is going to decline anytime soon. So gaining an entry-level job is not going to be challenging. Working as an entry-level HR professional can help you understand the intricacies of the domain and give you a basic idea of what you will be doing for the rest of your career as an HR manager/specialist.


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3. Consider a Master’s Degree

Once you are determined to build a career in this domain, the next step is master’s-Ville.

Aspiring HR professionals need to pursue a master’s degree from a reputed institution in order to land a high-paying job. The core curriculum includes decision-making, recruitment, company policies, strategy formulation, business ethics, etc. These programs can also give you an understanding of the hierarchy in the HR domain, which can help you understand the job positions you can land after completing post-graduation.


After completing your master’s, you’ll have two options – one, you can directly apply for jobs from your campus or online; second, you can further hone your skills and pursue an online human resource management certification. Pursuing an online certification is the ideal choice, here’s why:-


4. Pursue an Online Human Resource Management Certification

Knowledge advancement and upskilling is a career-long commitment. However, after pursuing a master’s degree, there are very little ways you can do that. This is where online human resource management certifications come in handy. By providing you with up-to-date knowledge and exposure to the business world’s latest trends, these certification courses help you build prowess in your respective domain.


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Benefits of enrolling for an online human resource management certification:-

  • Sets you apart
  • Increases your earning potential significantly
  • Gives you an added advantage
  • Makes you a more fitting candidate for the job
  • Boosts professional confidence and satisfaction


One such array of certifications you can rely on to reap the above-mentioned benefits are the IIM courses of human resource management. Offered in collaboration with Talentedge, a reputed Edtech platform, the IIM courses of human resource management strengthen your resume and differentiate you from the rest of the HR professionals. Furthermore, the name of IIM backing up your skills and knowledge can prove your worth to the current and potential employers.


How Can IIM Courses of Human Resource Management Help?

  • These online courses from IIM provide a comprehensive understanding of HRM and prepare learners for HR leadership roles in a global environment.
  • The IIM courses of human resource management are designed to help aspiring and established HR professionals, understand the fundamentals of HR, behavioural aspects, tools & techniques for people management, and exposure to latest trends in the HR domain.
  • You can also benefit from the peer-to-peer learning offered by Talentedge, wherein you can interact with the instructor and other participants attending the course.
  • What’s more is that the human resource management certifications from IIM offer a 6-day on-campus module wherein you can visit the campus, meet with the faculty, and network with fellow participants.


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Career Opportunities You can Explore

After obtaining a human resource certification, you’ll be qualified to apply for the following positions:-

  • HR Generalist

HR generalists are professionals who get a whiff of every function of HR, including staffing, training, development, compensation, personnel policies, compliance, etc. However, these generalists never get to specialise in one function.


  • Talent Acquisition Specialist

These specialists are responsible for looking after the talent needs of the organisation. The talent acquisition specialists fulfil the staffing needs of the organisation by preparing detailed job descriptions and scouting for talent based on those descriptions and conducting interviews.


  • HR Business Partner

A business partner’s basic responsibilities include performance management, appraisals, grievance handling, employee engagement, etc.


  • Learning and Development Managers

The training and development managers are responsible for taking care of the new hires’ learning needs and the existing employees.


  • Compensation and Benefits Specialists

Responsibilities in compensation and benefits include analysing job duties, curating job descriptions, performing job evaluations, conducting and analysing compensation surveys, etc.


  • HR Analytics

Whether it is talent acquisition, resource optimisation, training & development, or payroll, HR analytics is being used for improving the overall employee performance and procedures of the organisation. There are several types of analytics in HRM. And to pursue a career in this role, you’ll need a specific understanding of the domain.


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Bottom Line

A career in this domain can be lucrative and highly rewarding, considering your education, skills, and experience. If you aspire to fast track your career growth, consider enrolling for a human resource management certification. The IIM courses of human resource management offer aspiring and established HR professionals the opportunity to upskill and demonstrate their dedication to advance their knowledge. So pursuing such a certification can give you an edge and expose you to potential job opportunities.



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