Planning to become a business analyst? Do you understand the role a business analyst plays in the competitive world today? Why are they popular among the corporates? Let’s explore the answers to these questions.


What Role Does a Business Analyst Play?

A business analyst is an indispensable part of any organization. A business analyst acts as a bridge between business ideas and its capabilities; creating, coordinating, handling, and scoping valuable changes in order to optimize business processes.


Importance of Business Analysts


  • Help Increase the ROI

ROI stands for Return on Investment; it is a measure to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of an investment. The basis of the success of a business is dependent on the ROI as it describes the value of an investment, it’s benefits and how it will result in an increase in revenue. Companies focus on their technology costs and stand to ignore other business-related costs, which decreases their ROI and businesses tend to suffer losses. A business analyst derives the accurate value of the ROI by considering the total cost of any project that includes both, the technology costs as well as the business-related costs.


  • Help Decrease Costs

A business analyst tries various methodologies in order to create a perfect strategy to decrease the cost of the project involved. He/she communicates with the team to make them understand the requirements of the project and once the course is set, a business analyst starts to learn about the ways to decrease the costs for the company and sets a base for all future projects and ventures.


  • Help in Decision Making

A business analyst needs to make quick and easy decisions out of difficult situations. The stakeholders spend their time and money in discussions, while a business analyst discusses logical topics that lead to quick decision making. They point directly to the issues and provide solutions to the problems. They follow the principles of clarity and transparency in order to take the company to greater heights.


  • Help Opt for Cost-Effective Solutions

Business analysts always opt for cost-effective solutions for any problem that the organization faces. They try to create a number of ways to analyze and solve a problem by choosing the best, most inexpensive and affordable solution. They are responsible to increase the profits of the organization by decreasing the costs, thus increasing the ROI.



A business analyst’s report is purely based on facts and reliable data sources, that is why if you are looking to enter into the role of a business analyst, you need a professional business analyst course or certification. Business analytics programs can help you get a better understanding of reading large sets of data and finding similar patterns. It can also open the door to better job opportunities and give your career a boost. This is mainly due to the fact that a business analyst course is a proof that you have inherited the necessary skills required to handle the various aspects of the domain. And, since you passed the exam to successfully attain the certification, it shows that you have the ability to apply those skills as well.  The role of a business analyst in an industry is pivotal and possessing proficient business analytics skills is another feather in your cap.


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