Supply Chain Management (SCM) is one of the top skills to invest in. Organizations that are seeking to become more competitive and improve their performance financially, are adopting supply chain management as an integral business function. You should look for authentic supply chain logistics certification in India to acquire knowledge about it. Not only does it provide positive leverage to your profile, but also helps aspiring supply chain managers to create their own niche in the industry.  Here are the top reasons why you should enrol in logistics supply chain course.

supply chain management certification course

Career in Supply Chain Logistics Certification in India


Increasing Demand

These days, companies are increasingly hiring SCM certified professionals. Wherever a business involves value chain, organizations look for properly certified people who can steer leadership roles and give the company the required growth momentum. Indian companies with a global outreach are recruiting them rapidly.


Skill Development

Candidates who complete certification by enrolling in supply chain management courses accomplish all the required skills that are needed for understanding and executing this business function. You get to know of the best evolving industrial practices prevalent in this domain.


Organizational Development

SCM managers are an asset to their organization. When you learn how to integrate various value chain stakeholders together effectively, you ensure that the right product is delivered at the right time, right place, in the right quantity and most importantly at the right cost, using available resources to their maximum potential. This enhances quality as well as financial flow.


Where to Enrol Supply Chain Logistics Certification?


IIM Kozhikode makes this course available online in partnership with Talentedge. Look for the Professional Certificate Program in Supply Chain Strategy & Management online to understand how this course can equip you with adequate knowledge about SCM and managerial roles that you can play in this domain. With the help of IIM Kozhikode’s unparalleled pedagogy and robust course curriculum, participants attain competency that is hard to match in the entire industry. You will learn how to apply technical as well as managerial skills in SCM scenarios which might otherwise seem quite complex to a non-certified person.

Experienced faculty and experts from the industry take the course sessions. The course is designed so as to make you learn how to identify and resolve problems within the logistics and supply chain field and you even get hands-on exposure to software tools.

A supply chain logistics certification in India can build a successful career. It is your best bet to grow in the SCM industry and take your career in the right direction.


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