The televised event management industry is a niche and high-end segment within the overall event management industry, which has one of the most lucrative careers to offer. However, this exciting career opportunity is also more than often overlooked by the average graduate as a viable option to the regular office or engineering jobs.

Here’s a quick overview of some of the key highlights of this booming sector, followed by some hard facts that support the claim why this emerging sector is poised for unbelievable growth and job opportunities in the near future:

  • According to an article in the Hindustan Times, a recent Price Waterhouse Coopers report states that the Event Management industry is poised to grow at an astounding rate of 24% year on year. Compare this with information technology, India’s most prominent industry in services, that is poised only for an 11% growth, according to a live mint article, and you will find that the event management industry in India is the right place to be, for a fast-growing and rewarding career.
  • A large section of the Event Management industry in India, approximately 35 %, is still in the unorganized sector, catering mostly to the needs of the domestic events of middle and high-income segments. For even those looking to set up their own ventures in the lucrative event management industry in India, this offers an exciting opportunity since they can now cash in on this lucrative sector without the hassles of a regular job.


Indian Television Media is probably the fastest-growing segment among this industry. Live televised events in India have massive budgets and a huge team working behind the scenes. According to industry leaders, televised event managements in India are a preferred method of advertising by the most corporate house because of the kind of attention it gets from the target customers. Just think of how intently the average household watches a film awards ceremony like IIFA and you will get an idea of why this is increasingly becoming the preferred mode of advertising and customer engagement among multinationals and large corporate houses.

According to one industry expert, careers in the televised event management industry are among the most sought after especially because they offer the highest paying jobs, and the opportunity to interact with celebrities on an almost daily basis. Salaries for freshers as well as professionals in this segment are usually more than their peers in the domestic IT and ITES companies.

Wizcraft, India’s largest event management industry by far, offers an Executive Certificate Programme in Televised Event Management and Production. The course opens the best career gateways for learners in the high end televised event management industry and also provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the course toppers to be an intern with the Wizcraft team for prestigious events in Mumbai or Delhi.

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