No sugar-coating. The only thing that’s constant is change. And in the marketing scenario, change is accelerated these days. Don’t you think so? But what bothers most is that the change can largely reflect in your marketing cost as well.

Marketing is more or less used with a prefix ‘digital’ now. It’s the era of digital marketing. All those chapters which you have learned in your marketing classes back in college have been replaced by new methods and tools. Now, you require certification courses to keep updating yourself about the changing trends.

So, let’s dig out some of the unique features that change the face of marketing and communication in this digital era.



Internet has changed marketing altogether, isn’t it? You have no reason to disagree with the statement. Here are 3 major influences of technology on marketing.

Ø Big data: Data and analytics take the first position in the list. With an enormous amount of data being piled up and newer analytics tools being invented, marketers cannot say no to it.

Ø Innovative marketing ways:  We’re lucky today as we have numerous innovative platforms to market the product. From Facebook to Twitter, Youtube to Instagram, the list goes on.

Ø Smartphone world: Oh! No. We can’t think of life without a smartphone now. And on the other side, marketers find it the best way to reach to the audience without any time constraints.


We understand consumer first!

In the past, marketers randomly interrupted the customers to push their brand. It was most often an aggressive style of marketing. And marketers blindly targeted people with the assumption that a few will turn to be customers.

The scene is different today. We are fortunate to live in this world of big data. With numerous technological advancements, we have the privilege of knowing the target customers. These days, marketing is about understanding the consumer’s expectations first. And then delighting them with tailor-made content and information.

More to come, for sure in the future of marketing. As you blink your eye, a new tool is popping up somewhere to help with your marketing efforts. All we can say is be agile! And never be too late to adapt to it.


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