No sugar-coating. The only thing that’s constant is change. And in the marketing scenario, change is accelerated these days. Don’t you think so? But what bothers most is that the change can largely reflect in your marketing cost as well.

Marketing is more or less used with a prefix ‘digital’ now. It’s the era of digital marketing. All those chapters which you have learned in your marketing classes back in college have been replaced by new methods and tools. Now, you require certification courses to keep updating yourself about the changing trends.


The Changing Face of Marketing Communications

So, let’s dig out some of the unique features that change the face of marketing and communication in this digital era.



The Internet has changed marketing altogether, isn’t it? You have no reason to disagree with the statement. Here are 3 major influences of technology on marketing.


Big data

Data and analytics take the first position in the list. With an enormous amount of data being piled up and newer analytics tools being invented, marketers cannot say no to it.


Innovative marketing ways

We’re lucky today as we have numerous innovative platforms to market the product. From Facebook to Twitter, Youtube to Instagram, the list goes on.


Smartphone world

Oh! No. We can’t think of life without a smartphone now. And on the other side, marketers find it the best way to reach out to the audience without any time constraints. 

We understand consumers first!

In the past, marketers randomly interrupted the customers to push their brand. It was most often an aggressive style of marketing. And marketers blindly targeted people with the assumption that a few will turn to be customers.

The scene is different today. We are fortunate to live in this world of big data. With numerous technological advancements, we have the privilege of knowing the target customers. These days, marketing is about understanding the consumer’s expectations first. And then delighting them with tailor-made content and information.


More to come, for sure in the future of marketing. As you blink your eye, a new tool is popping up somewhere to help with your marketing efforts. All we can say is be agile! And never be too late to adapt to it. 


Any kind of digital marketing, or any job profile that uses digital marketing as the base, requires a sound knowledge of the intricacies of the domain.


Digital marketing certification programs would be of great help in 2022 for marketers and non-marketers alike. Build yourself a lasting career in this lucrative domain by enrolling into a digital marketing certification course from a reputed institute and give your resume the push it needs.

Digital marketing has taken over traditional ways of marketing. With the advent of technology, this is only going to accelerate in terms of more trends, more investment, and more engagement. All this is owing to the large number of audiences using the internet for almost everything. This has made organizations go online and cater to a much larger audience, and moreover, a more specific and relevant audience. Trends in digital marketing is increasing at a very high rate, the reason being – greater ROI, which is competitively more than offline marketing.


If you were to ask any millennial or young person in India about how he or she buys what they want, chances are their response will be online. That could be through the website, an e-commerce portal, mobile app, social media channel and so on. This is an indicator of a big trend that has changed the way the World & India makes its purchases. And has therefore given rise to the way an organization should sell to such a world. That ability to sell to such a world is what digital marketing is. Good online digital marketing courses will share its importance and scope.


Here are some broad level Digital marketing trends in 2022 to give you an idea?

The role of this area of marketing is to understand the target audience for each social media segment and work on realizing their motivators, and needs. This is because they will need to work on advertising campaigns that are linked to social media, and hence ensure that the right audience is reached through those


Digital marketing also involves developing, implementing and managing brand awareness of the organization and its products and services, in the digital space. Brand awareness followed by association is critical for the achievement of business results. This can happen only through a focused digital media approach where the brand values are demonstrated in a series of innovative ways


In 2022 brands will be involved in telling the digital stories that define the company. These could be internal stories that reflect its culture and hence share the employer brand it is. Or they could be external stories from the client that shares how the organization is a true partner for them. The idea is to ensure appropriate messaging through the digital space so that it is used optimally


Communicating information is one of the crucial roles of digital marketing. The information available online is consumed faster and readily by the customers rather than printed or other such forms of communication. Also, it has the potential to reach a much wider audience than the physical media channels and due to the availability of the internet, information can be revised to reflect the most current form of it


Collaborations with other related partners such as individual digital influencers or media agencies that ensure social media presence through creative techniques like contests, games, knowledge sharing sessions, live videos and so on are part of the role too


Digital marketing is a continuously evolving domain wherein companies are making every possible effort to keep up with newly developing trends. But more than adopting each trend that turns up on your news feed, a successful digital marketing plan evolves from being prepared and well-informed about your market niche. It is essential to have an effective digital marketing strategy in place that helps you effectively reach out to your target audience and attain a competitive edge in the market.


Successful Digital Marketing Plan

Here are some imperative stages of building a successful digital marketing plan that can help you create a staunch reputation in the digital landscape:-


  • Defining your Business

The first step towards defining the business is an analysis of the targeted market. It is also the first thing that you learn about in your certified digital marketing course. You should have a clear and practical understanding of the performance of your products and services within the industry and how it benefits your target audience. Additionally, evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors can help in determining the areas that your digital marketing strategy must focus upon. Fundamental Digital marketing is a comprehensive process, so you must be aware of exactly who you are targeting and what you envision to procure from it.


  • Determining Your Budget

When it comes to determining the budget for your digital marketing campaign, be realistic from the outset. Consider factors such as platforms you want to market on, paid advertising budget, distribution strategy, etc. Eventually, every decision should be made with marketing ROI in mind.


  • Developing the Right Content

When developing a digital marketing strategy, ensure that it is targeted towards your particular audience segment. The content should be equally divided into three categories – awareness, conversion, and retention. Content should be created with a tone that piques audience interest, in order to keep them connected and engaged with your brand.


  • Implementing the Fundamental Digital Marketing Plan

Identifying the right time frame is an important step of the implementation process. It helps you divide your campaign into various segments (setup, traction, product positioning, expansion, viral growth) in the most efficient manner. You also need to plan and determine how each segment will be presented to the audience. Furthermore, it is equally important to overlook how the content fits all together as a campaign.


  • Monitoring the Performance

Evaluating the performance of your campaign is imperative in order to measure its effectiveness. There must be a system in place that tracks and measures campaign performance via key statistics and performance indicators. Constant evaluation enables you to identify the pitfalls earlier in the campaign, and accordingly implement necessary changes effectively.


  • Developing a Strong, Effective and Actionable Digital Marketing Plan

With a solid digital marketing strategy in place, you can ensure that your marketing campaign encompasses every imperative aspect that is required to thrive in the competitive digital landscape today. Integrate the above steps and ensure that you set up a strategy that creates a solid bedrock for your digital success and positions your company at the forefront of your niche.



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