How often have we wondered about where the whole day went and despite our best efforts, we still have a long to-do list staring at us? We might have tried to slot our work in many ways and yet it seems that some tasks take up a whole lot of time whereas the important ones get left out. The answer lies in strategic management. Yes, time can be managed effectively by following specific strategies that can help you optimize each day.


Here are some strategies to follow which can create large chunks of time for you.

  1. Plan, plan, plan – Whether it is the night before or the early morning hours, always plan for the day, before it begins. If you prefer to slot your work by what you need to do in the first half and the second half of the day, you could do that. If you prefer to do the tasks that have high time involvement first and the rest later, plan that way. Use what works for you, but make sure to have a day-wise action plan.
  2. (Try to) Stick to the Plan – When you want to get many things accomplished in a day, and need large chunks of time, you need to stick to the plan as much as possible. Yes, a certain degree of flexibility is fine and you will need to have that, to accommodate what comes your way on a particular day. Even so, try to stick to the plan that you have for the day so that you have a productive day.
  3. Delegate – Many people managers find it extremely difficult to delegate. A few of them who are able to do it, sometimes end up micromanaging. So remember to steer clear of such a trap. Delegating work that can be done by your team, is a good idea. Learn to trust them with small tasks and then with ones that you believe they can take on, once they complete those.
  4. Demarcate boundaries – A lot of people tend to spend time on personal things like checking emails or responding to social calls. While this is perfectly fine, if it’s permitted in the organization, we need to be aware that it takes up our time during the work hours. That results in us ending up working late or taking our work, home.


These are some simple yet effective strategies to create large chunks of time for you. Not only will they make you more productive with your time at the workplace, but they will also help you get more free time in your personal life after work too.

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