When an organization decides to operate from a new geographic market, which in essence is a new country, the process is not a simple application of the same set of regulations or policies. Nor can the same work culture be replicated elsewhere. There are three main areas that a good marketing strategy program will cover when it comes to implications of doing business internationally.

These are cultural, political and legal environments and the role each one plays.


  1. Cultural – The external societal environment and its values, reflect themselves even in the work values and environment. So an organization when deciding to conduct business in a new country must consider this factor as a critical aspect. It will impact not only the work environment of its local office there but also have implications on the business operations, sales, clients and employees who become a part of your organization. The manner in which you engage your talent will be different. The motivation to perform for the organization will be different. Clients who are buying the same product will have a distinctly different way of arriving at their purchase decisions.
  2. Political – The political environment has huge implications. A pro-development and growth driven will provide a more conducive environment for businesses to operate in. The regulations will be more business-friendly and there will be a higher degree of incentives offered for those who want to enter that market. The government will also try and streamline the bureaucracy of setting up office operations and reduce red-tapeism.
  3. Legal – The legal hassles are the first thing that prevents companies from entering a market. That, in turn, can have economic implications for the workforce and growth of that country. So a legal framework which is stringent and rigorous is important. But one which can suffocate creativity or lacks the flexibility that is the essence of new operations can be a roadblock. A clearly laid out legal framework has great implications since it allows organizations to follow the stated process and proceed smoothly. A confusing process, on the other hand, can have negative implications. Also, the assistance provided or available in that market or country in terms of legal guidance is also a critical factor to consider when deciding to set up base here.


These two aspects form the basis of decision making when a global firm decides to explore newer pastures. International business is about being aware of the nuances of the culture, politics and regulations. That is the only way to succeed in a different country in establishing a sustainable venture.


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